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Iran parliamentary election 5000 people compete for 290 seats-xhero

Iran parliamentary elections: 5000 people compete for 290 seats in the original title: Iran tenth parliamentary elections started about 5000 people competing for 290 seats in the new network on 26 February, according to foreign media reports, 26, tenth parliamentary elections in Iran, there are about 5000 candidates competing for 290 seats. The polling station is open at 8 local time, and about 5500 people with voting rights in Iran can vote. The Iran parliament, the Islamic Parliament of Iran, is elected through a direct anonymous ballot. The candidate who wins more than 25% votes can become a member of Parliament, and the remaining candidates will continue to compete in the second round. Iran’s interior ministry organizes elections and announces formal results. According to the data of Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency (IRNA), about 5000 candidates will compete for 290 seats. 4 years’ tenure of parliament. At the same time, there are fifth Iran Expert Committee elections. The Iran expert committee is a special state organ. It has the right to elect the highest spiritual leader of the country from an emergency. The current spiritual leader is Ali Khamenei. The expert committee consists of 88 theologians who have mastered Islamic legal knowledge. The Council has 8 years in office and 159 candidates in the election. Editor: the flourishing SN123

伊朗议会选举:5000人角逐290个议席   原标题:伊朗第十届议会选举开始 约5000人角逐290个议席   中新网2月26日电 据外媒报道,26日,伊朗第十届议会选举开始,有约5000名候选人角逐290个议席。   投票站在当地时间8时开放,约5500万有投票权的伊朗人可以参与投票。伊朗议会――伊朗伊斯兰议会通过直接匿名投票选举。赢得25%以上选票的候选人可以成为议会议员,其余候选人将继续在第二轮中角逐。伊朗内政部组织选举并宣布正式结果。   据伊朗伊斯兰共和国通讯社(IRNA)资料显示,将有约5000名候选人角逐290个议席。议员任期4年。   同时开始的还有第五届伊朗专家委员会选举。伊朗专家委员会是专门的国家机关,它有权在紧急情况下从本机构选出国家最高精神领袖。现任精神领袖是哈梅内伊。   专家委员会包括88名掌握伊斯兰法律知识的神学家。该委员会任期8年,这次选举有159名候选人。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: