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Institutional investors strict selection of the " runner; " Bo seize data – fund channel outlet Haitong Securities at the end of 2015, when Bo fixed income funds raised in recent years ranked seventh, ranked fourth in nearly three years, nearly five years ranked second, shows the "run health" the characteristics of public fund investors are showing the trend is more and more strong institutions, strengthen the strategic layout of institutional clients, has become the focus of development more and more fund companies. At the same time, the fund’s investment, sales, operation of the various aspects of the background are put forward higher requirements. In the choice of agencies, some banks will set up for fund products in the "white list", the long-term performance and risk retracement management, investment research team are all assessment factors, natural, asset management institutions of fixed income investment ability has obvious advantages. Therefore, despite the volatility of the interests of the market, there are fund companies based on their own advantages, seize the opportunity to take the solid market, has been recognized by institutional investors, and to take advantage of large-scale. The field of fixed income "runner" issue of the new fund, it is shown from the internal layout of the fund company’s products; from the outside, but also reflects the market environment. This year, A shares in the doldrums, the fund is not good to do, the paradox, but also caused some fund companies to issue new funds enthusiasm is not high. In the outside world, one of the "old ten" boshijijin chose "contrarian". As of mid September 2016 this year, Bo issued new fund a total of 51, in all 104 raised funds ranked in the first place, the new total size of more than 43 billion, on average, to 5~6 fund each month, the density is not big. "No choice" contrarian "Bo, on the contrary, Bo is" sometimes "." Boshi fund official says. In Bo the new development fund, including 9 regular open Zhaiji (about 16 billion 600 million), 25 open-end fund net debt (about 9 billion 500 million), 4 (7 billion 700 million), the capital preservation fund 5 or set by fixed gain + fixed income fund "mixed strategy (about 7 billion), there are other types of stock, index, and mixed monetary fund a total of 9 approximately 2 billion 300 million of the total. Overall, the main issue is the direction of Bo in 2016 the fixed income market, in order to maintain and increase the mixed funds with absolute return characteristic. Since the second half of 2015, increase the equity market volatility, investor risk appetite decreased significantly, this is the year when the main force of the bond market one of the reasons. "Investor" learned that Bo’s fixed income team is one of the largest market bond investment team at present, its complete product line, covering one, two debt based, both open and closed, including general standard, convertible bond, bond index etc.. Haitong Securities data show that when the fixed income funds raised in recent years ranked seventh, ranked fourth in nearly three years, nearly five years ranked second, shows the characteristics of "runner". Boshijijin sources, the future of Bo.相关的主题文章: