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India release Darai to visit Zangnan, said Darai is a guest in India – Sohu news-www.09955.com

India release Darai visit Zangnan said Darai was a guest of the India Sohu news "India allowed the Darai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh (i.e. China Zangnan area)", 27, the India government issued a statement confirmed the news. More than one India media said in the report, the decision will provoke china. "India today" website said 27 days, the Modi administration said in a statement, "the Darai Lama visited India anywhere without obstacles, so the next March trip to Arunachal Pradesh is not a problem". On the evening of 27, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Swarup stressed again in the statement, Darai is "India guest", "the Darai Lama of India to freedom anywhere, without any unusual visit". According to India media reports, according to Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Khandu arrangement, Darai is expected to take place in the second week of March 2017. Then, he made a speech may be held in Tawang area religious gatherings, and access to other areas of Zangnan. "India express" says 27 days, the India China relations are facing Chinese against India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group and two counter position differences problem, the decision of the government of India will not only make China fast, and India may lead in the border region of a new round of confrontation. "In the past, when India and China have differences in the international arena, the militarization of the Chinese side of the border region will intensify." In October 21st, the US ambassador to India, Weimer announced plans to visit the India China border Tawang region. This is the first visit to the United States ambassador to tawang. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 24 days, China is firmly opposed to the U.S. diplomat to the disputed border area. However, India’s Foreign Ministry immediately refuted the accusation, saying the United States ambassador to visit Goa "there is nothing wrong with". Some media analysts said that the government of India is using diplomatic means to strengthen the sovereignty of the disputed area. In November 2009, Darai had a visit to Tawang, Chinese caused strong opposition. Some analysts said 27 of the "Global Times" reporter, the economic situation in India, the recent poor performance, the next election will be held in several states of India, the prime minister Modi was a member of the people’s party is displayed on a hard line, to increase the support rate. In addition, China and India high-level visits in November will be intensive debut. Before the negotiations preset premise, India is the usual trick.相关的主题文章: