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Index tries to return to the rising channel norton disk doctor

Stock index trying to return to the rising channel Sina exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The SWS Hongyuan securities, GUI Haoming editor Yang Xiaokun several days of continuous shrinkage finishing market Tuesday was changed, although the stock market yesterday morning walk is quite difficult, the Shanghai Composite Index fell to around 3050 points, but the afternoon rebound or have a certain intensity, the stock index not only recovered, still stand on the 3090. In form, the stock index is back on the rise. Review the market since August 15th, the first 8 trading days in the continuous downward adjustment to 25 bottom 3041 points, then began to rebound, was also out of line 5 with Yang, but these are too short for the entity, thus forming the rising channel is not clear, especially the decline in September 1st, not only broke the short-term the average of almost all, but also make the market risk of broken down. In this case, if not pulled out a strength of the line, change down form, then the outlook is not only technically is not optimistic, but also will bring no small impact on the mentality of investors. Fortunately, yesterday pulled out a solid 19 point line, change the market downward form, stock index looks back up channel. Moreover, the rise of the channel is quite vague, and now has become clear up, which is obviously conducive to improving investors’ expectations for the market outlook. Of course, these are just from the form of speaking, Tuesday’s rise, seems a bit awkward, but still be able to find the basis from many aspects. For example, the central bank announced and safe of RQFII investment in the capital market and the amount of funds for approval of the combination of the regulatory model, where the investment amount is less than the size of the asset itself, can only record. Do not look down upon this institutional change, it means that the capital market to open the door to foreign investment played more open. Contact not long ago through the program to cancel the annual investment quota arrangements, both in terms of stable investor expectations, or strengthen the attractiveness of the domestic capital market, have a great impact. The effect will gradually appear over time, but also a strong impetus to the short-term market. Also, the two countries formally signed recently submitted to the United Nations on climate issues the "Paris agreement", as the world accounted for 40% of carbon emissions country, the first commitment to emission reduction, there will be a large number of follow-up action, which will constitute an investment theme. As for the B20 Conference on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and so on, on the one hand reflects the country’s strategic thinking in the adjustment of industrial structure, but also inevitably opened a new imagination for the market space. Therefore, it can be seen that the negative factors that inhibit the normal operation of the stock market is being resolved, the market is also expected to have a good. Of course, the current volume is not large enough, the stock market will encounter a variety of resistance. The most important problem is that due to the real economy, there are still a lot of uncertainty, so, for investors, although there are positive expectations, but in the performance of specific investment theory相关的主题文章: