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In the exam enrollment exceeded 500 thousand unpopular positions 1056 no sign of Sohu – education national examination enrollment exceeded 500 thousand of the hottest position competition ratio of 2162:1 the 2017 annual national civil service exam enrollment of more than half. Yesterday, the National Civil Service Bureau issued a special reminder, for no one through the qualification review and post qualification examination proportion of low position (less than 3:1) were named, being named nearly 4000 unpopular positions, more than 1000 positions have not yet been off zero". As of yesterday, 16, the number of applicants for the country to break through 500 thousand, the average competition ratio reached 19.25:1. The hottest jobs to the NLD central office reception section head and below, the competition ratio reached 2162:1. According to the public education statistics, after nearly 6 days of enrollment, as of yesterday, 16, has been approved by the people of the year, more than the same period last year, 87471 people, the average competitive ratio of 19.25:1. By comparing the 2016, the number of countries to test the registration of each period of time, the enrollment is generally higher than last year, the growth rate of a single day is higher than last year, in line with the pre registration is expected, the civil service does not reduce the temperature of 2017. At present, the largest number of position is the NLD central office reception section head and below, there have been 2162 people signed up, but also to the 2162:1 competition than to become the most popular posts. Department of Foreign Affairs Division of the division of English and the division of Foreign Affairs Division of the English language five these two positions are divided into second and third. The tax department is still a large collection of people, there are currently more than 15 thousand people in the sector has a total of 5, from the national tax system. NLD central momentum is also very strong, the current sector competition is 516.5:1, far more than other departments. Yesterday, the National Bureau of civil service examinations department also issued a special reminder lists through the audit or audit by the number of no few unpopular positions, 1056 positions and 2867 no sign of failing to meet the minimum requirements of the examination of 3:1 position is "call", tax bureau, weather bureau, Railway Public Security Bureau seats are a few. National Civil Service Bureau reminded candidates can combine the characteristics of the position and their own conditions, the rational choice of candidates. (source: Beijing Youth Daily)相关的主题文章: