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In the circle of friends at all or silent – Sohu Culture Channel hyuna

In the circle of friends at all or silent – Sohu culture channel recently suffered a sad thing, for a long time depression, self pity. Family and friends continue to persuade, but with relatives and friends experience relief. We all say that no one can live in peace in the world, every family has this difficult to read the classics, each have their own difficulties. You see, my little son shall A years of marriage; colleagues B in nearly forty years to find his uncle cousin couples; divorced divorced uncle cousin daughter-in-law. The more the cause of the failure, chronic illness, and parents strife, children of rebellion…… People to middle age, their frustrations, is not god treat you injustice, just the pain of others you do not know". They say these people around the difficulties and suffering, I had never thought. Because in the circle of friends, everyone is always a "secular stability, years of quiet good". Work tourism baby, wine tasting tea. To get married, graduated promotion, small to eat every meal, what a day away tens of thousands of steps, all these dynamic real-time sharing, unavoidably, simply to it all to say the degree. Now, we through the circle of friends, even a family dog biscuits to call more know the pain of sleep at night without the knowledge of crystal clear, but pyramid for dog owners are experiencing. Originally, even instant communication tools and social software everywhere, eating and sleeping are available online live, the nine in ten in our life it is still difficult to say. Han Han was speaking, there are friends in the online live a joke he Satin hand, fat content only blindly pursue lively funny. He felt a hand piece is not what online is not good. "I share happiness, is to hope that everyone will be happy to see the future; I hide the pain, is afraid of everyone to see more happy." This is so sharp straightforward, some may punish the heart, but how much we point out the real situation. Circle of friends to create a shared platform. Here, we share the wind of Taipei, Beijing haze, London rain, the California sun, we share the remotest corners of the globe were at this time; the growth of children, parents, the couple’s love, there are countless funny pictures, video, Duan Zi, closeness to have to point praise. All of the joy, the little sweet, a little touched, a moment of understanding, and even those boring routine, we are willing to take out to share with others, but also believe that others are willing to appreciate. And sickness and death, hatred, love, and shall not, as well as silent tears, restless night…… These life deeply touched us, hurt us, forcing us to face and promote the growth of our suffering, but not their forbearance alone resist. Only because they do not believe that the so-called "Empathy", more be afraid of others joke. WeChat circle of friends, really like we want to narrow the distance between people? Or is it just a mask to cover up our complex social relationships? All scientific and technological products, information software, are just a means of interpersonal communication, pull the physical distance, playing between the diaphragm and the heart. It is precisely because of the circle of friends to create this familiar daily, the unique relationship between spiritual alienation, we are one by one.相关的主题文章: