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In late autumn rain, the weather, the personnel deserted, a cup of tea and drink – Sohu zuczug

In late autumn rain, the weather, the personnel deserted, a cup of tea – drinking tea Sohu map: South Beauty Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" empty mountain rain, the weather late autumn. After heavy rains, autumn taste is getting stronger. The plane leaves yellow, with the cool wind blowing in the both sides of the road. For autumn, more is to remember its fruitful, and forget that it was amazing time – like this cup of tea. Tea, tea for thousands, I love tea. Once have a hundred years old tea, drink tea or taiwan. Whether it is tea or tea, Chen, fine, in taste and flavor, the flavor is very big time. This piece of tea, tea after the baptism, in order to become a good tea, cool in the mouth open, orchid growing, time, wind and rain, the mark of life, can not forget, not red powder. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow", to meet a good tea, as well as communication, friends can not be met. High quality good tea, sometimes need the opportunity, sometimes need to wait for. The first is the opportunity to meet in the quality of raw materials, skilled craftsmen to meet, then wait for the quality, Pu’er Tea, need more time precipitation, as well as life and not be slow. So, perhaps, to tea, just to the beauty of life is just perfect. This process of accumulation is unknown, you don’t know what time the rain, do not know what time to meet a good tea, do not know what will be encountered in the process, or what is joy? Spare time, love a person make a pot of tea, zizhenziyin. At this moment, you may say is "talk" in those " filial piety…… " the generation of scholars. Perhaps you are from the place of work toward the house, between the two is subject to the one bridge; perhaps it is away from the young children, or bearded, face the vicissitudes of the uncle; or gray hair, waist bent walker. The vicissitudes of life are here, easy to read, they come from different places, in a corner of the city, the tenacious vitality, just ended, and continue to be staged. Map: South Beauty Tea Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" still remember, one other man, impressed me, perhaps this lifetime forget his eyes full of tears. Eight every day, he appeared in the bridge, riding on a second-hand tricycle, picking up money to waste. Early in the morning to sunset, every encounter with him, always want to go to a few words, but how shy, and he had not been able to catch the words. Until that day, never see the tricycle, could not help but to look under a bridge. A closer look, he was lying in a cardboard box, carton with a few holes in the cotton bed, this is his bed, eyes closed, large sweat rolled down his forehead. I quickly stepped forward, he will wake up, ask him where uncomfortable, only to hear the three words: have a fever, weak and hungry. I was in the vicinity of owned and pharmacies, bought a box of rice congee and some antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drugs…… " you’re a good kid, ". It’s a little bit back. And I, but shy…… We net相关的主题文章: