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In an interview with the new arrivals Pelican point guard for the first to harden eyebrows into MVP -dingxiangwuyuetian

In an interview with the new arrivals: Pelican point guard for the first to harden eyebrows into MVP interview: love Chinese Pelican new signings fans will attend the All Star Weekend Sports News (reporter Du Tencent October 9th Gong text Shi Xiaoyu photography) between the rocket and the pelican NBA China tournament will play the ring at 19:30 tonight, Ettore million Moore is introduced to the 4 Pelican 34 million dollars a year in the summer of 2011 the reinforcements, entered the NBA point guard in the game in the preseason for the pelican contributed 14 points, the team’s two leading scorer, shooting up to 57.1%, three point shooting 50%. Moore how expectations for their new season and the pelican, and how about China game against Harden? Tencent sports Moore conducted an exclusive interview with the exchange of these issues with him. Moore told the Tencent interview for the first time to visit China sports fans of the game China experience passion Moore’s first visit to China, before he had learned China the enthusiasm of the fans, this time have the opportunity to experience, feeling pretty good. Tencent Sports: Hello Moore, welcome to china. Is it the first time to come to China? Moore: Yes, it’s my first time in china. The trip to China is very interesting. Tencent Sports: like Shanghai? Moore: I like it very much. There are tall buildings, different styles of architecture, really cool. Tencent Sports: you participated in the NBA fans day activities. What is your impression of Shanghai fans? Moore: it’s really great. I had to China the passion of the fans have heard, and now finally the feeling of a person. Fans of the day’s activities are really passionate, fun. I play a good match to help China team to the playoffs as a pelican in the main reinforcements this summer, Moore in the preseason to become the two Pelican scorer, he hopes to be able to have a good performance in the Chinese match, continue to progress, to help the team make the playoffs. Tencent Sports: talk about china. Remember when you scored 19 points in a preseason game. Do you have any personal goals for China? Maybe 30 points? Moore: there is no personal scoring goals, just want to play on the floor level, I hope every game in the preseason progress. Tencent: you just sports and pelicans signed a 4 year contract. What are your long-term goals for you and for the team? Next season and how to position yourself? Moore: I hope to be able to make personal experience to learn from the other team’s experience to the pelicans, hoping to help the team to make the playoffs. For players without fear of injury leave loopholes Pelican Pelican on season plagued by injuries, pre-season team also appeared injury problems, which caused some adverse effects, but also let the players more difficult to unite to deal with the pelican, Moore said it will make the team stronger. Anderson and Gordon this summer rocket, the pelican loopholes in the attack, Moore hope can make up for his arrival. Talk about sports: Pelican bar Tencent. The team suffered a lot of injuries, such as Evans’s knee injury, but Horadi because his wife is sick leave temporarily. In your opinion, the injury to the team what kind of impact? Does the team have plans for the future? Moore: several teammates because of injury can not participate in the.相关的主题文章: