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In addition to sci-fi borderless Meizu Pro 7 will be equipped with Unicorn 960-ajviewer

In addition to science fiction borderless Meizu PRO 7 will be equipped with kylin has been 9602016 years near the end, mobile phone manufacturers will own basic products out, but it seems that Meizu also does not intend to close hand, in addition to million years MediaTek’s Charm Blue Note 5 this two days exposure, the flagship machine Meizu PRO 7 also in the pipeline. Recently, a group of friends exposure on the next generation Meizu new flagship PRO 7 slides, here unexpectedly appeared in HiSilicon and Meizu Hass together Meizu logo. Qualcomm and no hope of reconciliation, cooperation with Samsung stagnation, Meizu is said to have confirmed the use of HUAWEI unicorn? Online exposure news, Meizu PRO 7 will be equipped with a new generation flagship model SoC, did not say just out of some of the specifications, such as A73+A53 CPU Mali-G71 MP8 core, GPU core, and claims than 821 Xiaolong 10% of GPU performance, coupled with the 6GB LPDDR4 can be as fast as lightning". Such a description is really a unicorn 960.相关的主题文章: