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Ifeng.com and a bit of information announced together to create "Phoenix YiDianTong" – Sohu of science and technology in November 14th, ifeng.com and a bit of information jointly announced the implementation ifeng.com, mobile phone ifeng.com and the Phoenix News client, Phoenix News matrix and a little information from the media matrix data and content full interoperability, efforts to build domestic scale self "a little bit of Phoenix media platform". It is worth noting that, to further open up the Phoenix + dots content, the merger of the two is not the platform. But it is certain that either Phoenix or a dot, two-way traffic growth and brought its distribution channels and content exchange will have the value of quantitative expansion, the idea of reading is expected to further affect the user. A focus on information technology development and manual editing of the depth of integration of exploration, technology based on the algorithm, more in line with the era of mobile Internet users’ reading needs, its iconic search + recommendation engine double direction reflects the new media content platform. On the basis of accurate map of interest the user recommended content, little information on the content change of consumer experience, users can freely search personalized subscription channels of interest, to ensure that the "interesting and comprehensive information content of material useful goods" in precision distribution platform, to build a new generation based on user interest the mobile information platform entrance. At present, the total number of users of the information platform more than 290 million, daily active users of 48 million, single day per capita length of more than 55 minutes, since the total amount of over ten million media. Among them, personalized subscription channel has soared to 3 million. The Phoenix and a little open two-way information since the media for the author, on the one hand means that content release more convenient: according to reports, since the media as long as one platform to open an account, the account uploaded content will be automatically synchronized to another platform; on the other hand, settled from the media can have more exposure. High and get more user traffic, allowing greater access to premium content exposure, maximize the value from the media to help the author to achieve commercial realization. For the majority of Internet users, open platform means that a large number of high-quality resources into each other, the user can get the Phoenix high quality content at the same time, also can enjoy a rich information content based on user interest, in addition to the interesting material content to meet user fragments of time consumption, but also in terms of long tail content useful goods to meet the demand to enhance the user value. Phoenix and a little, this is in their own representative information platform, content sharing two, is expected to exceed the limit of traditional logic one-way information distribution on artificial selection or machine recommended. Based on the point of the technology, the Phoenix in the field of content for many years, will become a phenomenon beyond all modes of content distribution platform. Science and technology that high-quality media content from scrap, and a lot of credibility and technology of large scale distribution platform, coupled with the two-way recommendation quality content can be obtained and the feedback, each link in the industrial chain of the various dimensions of mutual understanding, promote, this is the Phoenix + point opened after the realization of 1+1 > 2 the collection.相关的主题文章: