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I was the founder of the convening of the conference Dong Mingzhu Tucao Wang Xiaochuan not so bloxorz

"I am the founder of" held a press conference   Dong Mingzhu Wang Xiaochuan Tucao "sober" – Shenzhen Channel – people.com.cn original title: Dong Mingzhu Wang Xiaochuan Tucao "sober" recently, by the Tencent public record space, Hainan Ecological Software Park and Zhejiang TV to create a large business reality show "I am the founder" held a press conference. "I am the founder" is the world’s first show to show the founder of the intergenerational reality show. In the show, Dong Mingzhu, Wang Xiaochuan, Quan Ren, Zhang Liang and Wang Kai each team back to entrepreneurship early heart, and 15 new wave after the founder of the composition of fierce competition for the championship team. Tencent Inc vice president and program producer Lin Songtao, summed up his views on the founder of the six key words: pattern, mind, integrity, innovation, play, growth. Each team can not only manage tens of thousands of large enterprises, can also do a good job in every ordinary jobs, showing great entrepreneurial pattern. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan smile towel; Star VC co-founder Quan Ren as a la carte, on-site learning crowded shrimp slippery story; Kai TERT founder Wang Kai as usher. In the game, Wang Xiaochuan face from overbearing female president Dong Mingzhu "Captain." criticism, Luzhou Lao Jiao chairman Zhang Liang to the customer value for the help, at the competitor "end plate". Although there is no big business road, but after the wave team also show their vitality. Friend impression founder Wei Zhicheng proposed "ring game" to promote value-added services entities product sales, resourceful in the face of adversity; three Captain Hook nets Xu just read Li Haichuan, Amy, and Yan phlogistic, as long as with a new generation of Founder reflect practical action. It is reported that, "I am the founder of" theme song "never give up" in recently officially launched QQ music, and I am the founder by Tsinghua wit waves team member Lu Gengxu concert. The founder of the highlights and more dry cargo in each 21:40 Thursday night, Zhejiang satellite TV and video Tencent launched the "hot" is the founder of me. (reporter Ma Juntong) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Chen Yuzhu)相关的主题文章: