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Hurricane Matthew weakened but still dangerous has caused 17 deaths in the United States – China Net-tom365.com

The hurricane "Matthew" power weakened but still dangerous has caused 17 people nationwide death – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to foreign media reports, causing serious damage to the Caribbean nation of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew before the attacks on the United states. Although its strength has been weakened, but the wind is still strong enough to pose a risk. Currently, Matthew has killed at least 17 people in the United States in 4 states. According to reports, at present, Matthew in the United States, the Bund, South Carolina over the northeast direction, the maximum sustained winds remained at 120 km per hour. Although this has been reduced by half a week earlier than the wind, but the United States weather forecasters warned that such a strong wind is still enough to pose a risk. The Atlantic in the past 10 years the strongest hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean major damage after the 7 day this month and landing in the east coast of the United States, including Florida, the first. U.S. authorities said, Matthew has killed at least 17 people were killed in the United States, including North Carolina, Florida, a total of 4 people, Georgia,, South Carolina, 3 people. North Carolina authorities, 9, said Matthew attacked the eastern part of the state, the local nearly 1000 people were rescued. Because there are residents trapped in the house, is expected to save the number will rise further. In addition, there are people missing in North carolina. U.S. President Obama said in a speech on the 9, hurricane "Matthew" caused serious damage to the affected areas. He said that most of the people will receive assistance.相关的主题文章: