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How to improve your baby’s sleep? Sohu in maternal and child health physical examination of children, often have parents to consult a pediatrician about children’s sleep problems. Baby sleep is not good, which not only affects the quality of sleep of parents, but also may affect the health of children and their parents. How to avoid this happening? 3 Effects of poor sleep 1 Effects on brain development in the growth of the baby’s brain development process, in order to maintain the normal operation of the rest of the brain. If the baby is not good sleep, the brain will always be in a state of fatigue, brain cells will be hypoxia, long-term may cause neurodegeneration in the past, resulting in some damage to the brain. 2 of the mood (temper) influence many mom and dad have the same experience, when we are trapped or fatigue, temper will become more violent, and is also not control their emotions baby. When the baby temper tantrums, mothers should understand the real reason behind the baby’s temper, do not give the child a bad label affixed to the child. 3 on the behavior of cognitive behavior of human cognitive ability depends largely on the outside of our back, if the baby sleep basic needs are not met, one may establish mother child attachment relationship. Two is the impact on the development of behavior, this is slightly older children in the body of the performance is more obvious, such as ADHD or attention deficit. Study on almost all of the 4 sleep problems mothers are most concerned about the 1 sleep difficulties have said: the reason why the performance was too tired children’s excitement, irritability, irritability, difficulty falling asleep, because the body of chemicals in the fight against fatigue. Lack of sleep can lead to a high degree of awareness of the central nervous system, wake up too long, too tired to easily lead to bedtime crying. Therefore, in the absence of a very difficult time, the baby to appease, arrange sleep environment. The 2 night the baby in the womb in almost all asleep, only occasionally kick kick the belly, after birth for a while pitch-dark sleep, circadian rhythm will take time to build up. To solve this problem, the day must maintain the amount of activity, to receive sunlight, rest early in the evening, the house to dim the light to help reduce the possibility of reversal of day and night. 3 put on a wake up within 3 months of the baby, sleep is the first to enter the shallow sleep for about 20 minutes, if the adult arms to sleep, then put on the bed is easier to wake up. In general, such as 20 minutes after the deep sleep or put it directly on the bed to sleep, can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of a baby on the wake up. Many reasons to cry 4 frequent night waking night waking night is very complex, urine, eczema, hot and cold, daytime irritation, learn to turn over, long teeth, and mosquito bites may cause mother to wake up in the night to leave some time to judge, don’t wake up on the feeding, no principle of night milk easily lead to habitual night waking. The baby stomach capacity is small, just born may eat a few mouthfuls, eat a little hungry, this is the main reason for frequent early night wake. A good sleep 4 moves 1 good bedtime.相关的主题文章: