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Careers-Employment The technology for home entertainment has advanced so much in the last years, that you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed when entering an electronics store. Appearing lost in front of a pushy sales assistant would not be the best strategy for you, since this is usually the best strategy for a good salesman. You might end up with a huge LCD TV, which will require some significant furniture changes in your living room. Moreover, you might find yourself spending double on a flat panel TV. Not to mention the fact that you could give up your favorite and trustworthy electronics brand. So what are the major steps in deciding what LCD TV you should buy for your home? First of all, you have to be realistic and consider the size of the room which will host the new TV. Measure the distance (in inches) between the seating area and your future TV. Then divide it by 1.5. You will get the maximum diagonal size of the LCD that is optimal for your room. If size is not your main concern and you’re focused on other features, divide the viewing distance by 3. That way, you will find the minimum size your future TV panel should have. This is the first step and the most important one, since a wrong choice significantly damages your health. A wrong choice might give you headaches, eye aches and (unfortunately) many more medical problems. Another thing you should consider is the brightness of the room. If you’re using your TV during daytime with your shades open, a LCD TV is the best option for you. When used in dark light, some LCD TVs might not offer you realistic colors. Also, the viewing angle is very important. The best way to watch LCDs is straight-on. The color and the images tend to degrade once you move off-axis. Then, you have to analyze your TV watching behavior. What is the main reason why you would like to invest in a new TV panel? Are you planning to watch more movies on your new screen? Or are you just replacing your old TV set since you want to save up some space? Do you intend to use your new LCD TV for gaming? Or are you planning to do them all and you cannot decide for now what you will do. Sure, the new LCD TVs nowadays .e with customizable settings that make all this possible on only one screen, but there are some brands that enhance your experience and even some models which are specially designed for movies, gaming or sports. Up until now, we had some great experiences from LCDs manufactured by Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Sharp Arquos and LG. We’re still testing the market for new technologies and we’re looking forward to the new trends of 2012 in terms of home gadgets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: