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How the American public to evaluate Trump’s victory in the Sino US relations clazziquai

The American people how to evaluate Trump’s victory of Sino US relations to Washington in November 9 to Xinhua news agency Xinhua: America’s new president, how people see the Xinhua News Agency reporter preliminary statistics released by the American media showed that Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump won 8 held in the U.S. presidential election, was elected the new president of the United states. For this result, the American people have any comment? What will be the impact on Sino US relations and the world situation? People and experts have something to say. John, who is a judge of the American people as a worker, voted for Mr Trump. The reason, he says, is that "Trump will definitely bring change to washington". Start, a 31 year old software engineer living in California, is a staunch supporter of Mr Hilary. When he learned of the election results, he admitted that he was "very sad". 8 evening of New York, staged a veritable Shuangcheng remember". Fragmentation of the vote represents the different values of the American people. Senior U.S. pollster Patrick · Kader at the beginning of the October survey of the American voters can vote for Trump, with a high support rate in the overwhelmingly white male voters in low income and low education. The United States Hof Stella University Press, media and public relations research assistant professor Wu Jingsi said, Trump won the American society, the media and many scholars are almost "shocked", and even some confusion. Trump’s victory shows that the U.S. media and society underestimated the attractiveness of Trump to the American people, especially the low educated white groups. Trump called "erratic" campaign strategy now seems to help provide for him. Although Trump has made a lot of "politically incorrect" position, but the media generally underestimated the trend of anti globalization and anti social trends in the United States in 2016, "said Wu Jingsi. The relationship between China and the United States is one of the most important bilateral relations in the United states. Trump elected president of the United States, the Sino US relations will have what kind of impact? Chinese Dean of the Institute of international affairs Sugar said, as the mainstream of Sino US relations, cooperation between the two sides of the breadth and depth increasing, in regional and global issues conducted very fruitful cooperation, and made important contribution to the global economy. In the context of the U.S. presidential election, the issue of China’s domestic politics in the United States has been constantly hype, but he believes that cooperation is still the right direction for the healthy development of Sino US relations in the future. Sun Zhe, CO director of the China program at Columbia University in New York, believes that regardless of who is elected in the United States, the general direction of Sino US cooperation and the pattern of Sino US interests will not change. But he believes that Trump’s most urgent task is not diplomacy, but the domestic agenda. Prior to the election, Trump from the strategy of the sword easy road, but after the election timely introduction of a practical domestic and foreign policies, to win the confidence of voters and the later ruling is essential. In this context, Sino US relations have a buffer period. From another 2相关的主题文章: