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How step by step down payment The intermediary outside the capital distribution chaos survey crycry

How step by step down payment? The intermediary outside the capital distribution chaos survey not long ago, the country gradually introduced the real estate policies for some buyers, especially in the premise of "be taken by surprise" Shoufu increased by hundreds of thousands or even millions of funding gap for many property buyers to purchase, or even default. Reporter survey found that banned off with capital and "comeback", and the emergence of new varieties. At the beginning of September this year, seeing the price a price one day, Xu Bo finally unbearable. He plans to sell small buy big, for a three bedroom. Xu Bo house and hotel are very smooth, but in September 30th Beijing issued the "Beijing eight" new regulation "to be taken by surprise". Housing and recognize the loan, I do not sell the house to do the transfer, buy this set will have to count two sets, down payment to improve to 50%." In Beijing prices, according to the latest policy requirements, Xu Bo need to dig more than a million down payment. Sell the house payments account is due, in the "single comic" Xu Bo seemed in a nice hobble. "I was worried about how bad money together, just give me the idea of my broker, says they can do" retainage loaning ‘, I borrow money together to buy a house there Shoufu, I account after the seller payments also." Xu Bo told reporters, although the money seems to be the solution as pressing danger, but one count, nearly 1.6% months of interest, or increase the purchase cost again. The survey found that the so-called "retainage underwritten" way and had previously been regulators of the down payment loan process is similar, the platform to wrap it into a P2P with the annual yield of the product, then the external sale. In the current real estate transactions, part of the increase in leverage is not from the commercial banking system to enter, but from other Internet financial platform to enter. Including some intermediary to benefit by expanding the platform, may be low or zero interest rates of mortgage lending, which increases leverage has become frequent, and lever behind such guarantee mechanism is not perfect, increasing the risk of all kinds. In the survey, the evening of September 30th, after the introduction of limited credit policy in Tianjin, some people can not afford to pay high down payment had to give up the purchase plan. However, the intermediary then joint real estate development company, for the purchase of a new residential property services. "Buyers to buy new flats, the delivery of 10% to 20% Shoufu can handle the transfer procedures, the remaining 1629 can be paid to the stage of real estate development company, the payment period of up to six months, during which the zero interest rate of zero fee." An intermediary staff said that real estate developers are now worried about the real estate, hoping to bypass the restriction of credit policy, by installment, play their own lending role, activate some potential transaction demand. Ying Chan consulting data show that in 2016 1 to August, involving real estate mortgage loan platform about 200. Some small credit companies through the seizure of property permits, or with other security products such as cars and other mortgage arrears. Insiders pointed out that the OTC capital completely broke through the real estate regulatory policy, improve the proportion of the first payment will lose control effect. In February of this year, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee requested the Shanghai chain off the assembly line of financial products, window advertising and stop the exclusive agent and other matters,.相关的主题文章: