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How much is the white house worth Professionals valued at $250 million thinkpad s230u

How much is the white house worth? Professional valuation of $250 million in Washington, DC, is full of difficult to assess the well-known buildings. What is the most famous? United States, "Losangeles times" reported on August 31st, purely for fun, an organization is ready to find out what the White House in the open real estate market to sell what price. Neal, director of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, ·, said: "it is very subjective to evaluate such a complex landmark building, so we think it would be interesting to quote the price for it," said." The 150 year old society is responsible for the qualification of real estate professionals in the fields of land, real estate and construction. Shah said, this is an election year, and a presidential candidate is the real estate tycoon, which makes the white house project is timely. Baden, President of the New York international art consulting firm, ·, who helped the statue of Liberty statue of the. Prisan and Losangeles real estate consultant Ann · Gray accepted the task of the Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors. These two professionals to the White House and its 132 rooms, 18 acres (about 73 thousand square meters) of land and about $750 valuation of $250 million.相关的主题文章: