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PPC-Advertising Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the Internet marketing tool that enables organizations target their ads to people looking for the products or services provided by them. Although PPC advertising can boost traffic to a site, it can also represent high costs for an organization caught up in a bidding war over specific keywords. On the other hand, the use of inappropriate keywords may result in a website receiving junk traffic, which would have an adverse impact on the sites conversion rate. Most importantly, the .pany would not even be able to gauge the reason for the apparent failure of its PPC strategy in the absence of a tracking system. All these issues can be resolved through proper pay per click management. What Does Pay Per Click Management Involve? A PPC campaign can be successful only through proper pay per click management. Several PPC service providers also offer pay per click management and focus on the following aspects: ?Writing short and appropriate PPC campaigns: PPC advertisements should be short phrases describing a .panys business, products and services. Moreover, the phrases should be grammatically correct and .prehensible, apart from adhering to the PPC rules. ?Tracking the conversion rate: A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that actually opts to purchase a product or service from a site. A PPC campaign is successful only if the increase in traffic to a website translates into an improvement in the conversion rate. If the improvement in the conversion rate is not similar to the increase in traffic, it is a clear indication of a problem in the PPC campaign. ?Finding appropriate keywords: The improper selection of keywords would adversely affect a sites conversion rates, while increasing the cost per click. Keywords should be as narrow as possible so that only those visitors who are really interested in buying related products and services get to view the advertisement. ?Managing the PPC dollars: When it .es to setting a budget for a PPC campaign, there is no specific answer. Although the right budget depends on the overall situation, it should not be more than the amount spent per click by a .pany. If the expenses of a PPC campaign for an organization are more than the cost per click, the .pany needs to either alter its strategy and keywords or scrap the campaign altogether. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: