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How can I pajamas this tough world-g227

How can I "pajamas" this tough world? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "heart" to help "the donkey" Poster 1, sophisticated water sent VS sent innocent: I want to play hide and seek and the world did not expect in the cinema to see so Chinese exposed human absurd story. Seven people in the story. The story is very simple. In the era of war, a group of intellectuals to go to remote areas to engage in idealized experimental education. Lack of water, lack of people are short of money. But here is the best place to escape. Up and the world economy, the poor are spared, which has been the basic way of life Chinese. Aggressive and retreated has been the two major power of our life. When we talk about power, it means we’re talking about trouble. Ahead of the danger is that you will be injured, wood show in the forest the wind will destroy them, their often rotten rafters, that is the truth. When danger is that when your back when back, you’re not self-help. In the little garden of Eden, on the theme of attitude can be divided into two groups: one is innocent school, fearless: President Zhou Tienan students, young Zhou Tienan: violent temper, trouble in school, ready to stand out for justice, but it was the principal way you support President Sun Jia’s daughter; sun Jia – and the donkey dialogue, I believe this world there is justice, silly beauty sweet. A baby is sophisticated school, vulnerable: Mr. Sun Sun principal: fine, between the school team and the Ministry of education with the greedy operator. Zhou Tienan and Pei Kuishan Pei Kuishan: smart people, small abacus clacking. That is when it’s time to pay, on the toilet advocate. Zhang Yiman, Zhang Yiman: a man of sexual relations. Because they are living in the sun under the protection of principal sun, Zhou Tienan would think that as long as they play mixed, Superman, you can defend the peace of the world. Sun Jia is living in a carefree childhood, as long as you do not embarrass my ass, I am happy, her understanding of the world is a fairy tale, but also believe that the report can punish the wicked. In the consultation, I have seen a lot of "naive", they can always live in a carefree, until their soap bubble was punctured. They were dumbfounded, they think the world should not be like this: I’m so loyal to the boss, how could he be so against me? My husband so wholeheartedly, how can he side with my love, while giving children mistress micro letter to say I love you? They do not understand why bad things happen to good people? Why do the wicked run amok? They are very painful, the world is too strange, so many years have been in a dream. The sophisticated group experienced all kinds of torture against, there are two options in front of them, one is to surrender to the world, to become the inspector that mercenary predator, or called predators meat ingredients. One is to build a the Peach Garden outside the world. So naive, think that the world is like this, but hit reality相关的主题文章: