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Host PC is a dual-purpose machine blade TGP box throughout the Conference Review www.souhu.com

Host PC is a dual-purpose machine blade TGP BOX throughout the conference review [Sina game] original Zhuangao reproduced please specify the source before the video to everyone king once evaluation of Tencent launched miniStation, but the price and the location of miniStation is not the traditional sense of the host product, is more like a mobile phone using the terminal with the living room entertainment. This time, Tencent and Haier and Intel cooperation, launched a new platform based on its own gaming platform TGP TGP BOX. On the afternoon of August 30th, the game went to the king blade TGP BOX host conference. TGP BOX TGP BOX positioning blade is a living room console, very simple and direct — Based on a Win 10 operating system and TGP platform X86 architecture PC. For domestic game consoles, there is no SONY Microsoft Nintendo in the game console industry for many years of technology accumulation, in order to fully realize the independent research and development from the hardware to the operating system, is very difficult thing. ARM and Android and other open platforms, it is difficult to achieve high performance hardware. The choice of blade TGP BOX made seemed a bit helpless, but also relatively safe. The combination of Win 10 and X86 not only guarantees the performance but also is a very mature platform, which can greatly reduce the development difficulty. So the problem is, this is not a computer, this is the game host it? Why don’t I save a computer and play games? This is where the biggest embarrassment blade TGP BOX. At the press conference, TGP BOX project leader is also a positive response to this problem, one machine is the core concept of this host. Haier Intel each play different roles, Haier, Tencent, Intel’s three heads were introduced to the TGP, the two companies play different roles. Haier is the blade hardware manufacturers, Tencent (OEM) was provided by the TGP platform and game content, Intel provides hardware technical support. Haier’s Mr. Fang Chunsong said the blade is part of Haier hit off the platform, which is representative of Haier products in the transition period of. Some game player is very familiar with thunder, Thor, mechanic these brands are also from Haier hit off the platform. The Tencent introduced Mr. Nie Zhiming when the blade TGP BOX, the focus is transferred to the TGP platform itself. If you often play Tencent game, it must be no stranger to TGP. And the game platform, in a very long period of time before the game is only Tencent R & D or operations. Prior to the ChinaJoy2016 show, Tencent also announced the concept of TGP 2. In the future, TGP will no longer be a Tencent’s own closed platform, and now they have begun to actively contact a lot of foreign manufacturers, Tencent’s goal is to make TGP a large integrated game distribution platform. This also means that although the current TGP BOX can only play to Tencent.相关的主题文章: