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Hongkong customs found that the value of rare bird skull is 3 times higher than ivory – public servi-cagliari exchange

Hongkong Customs seized the rare bird skulls: the value is 3 times higher than that of the ivory, the public welfare channel September 8th. Before that, Hongkong Customs seized a number of smuggled goods, the shape of the goods was very special, the yellow part was sharp, and the bottom red place was quite thick. After a careful search, the customs found more similar things, with a very good color. Since they haven’t seen such things before, the customs officers don’t know what it is, and the smugglers call it "the skull of a pheasant". But the customs feel that things are not so simple, they find experts to assist in the investigation, the final moment of truth was revealed, let people feel heartache… This batch of goods is a kind of endangered bird skull, the bird named Hornbill, produced in southern Burma, southern Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra, 500 meters below the low altitude of the forest. Hornbill skull helmet like, set in a prominent beak. And general hornbills are not the same, the sudden helmet hornbill is solid, composed of hard keratin, plus their sebaceous glands secrete a waxy red liquid, which can be dyed yellow helmet this is sudden, so that their skulls were found to be a good material for the production of handicrafts. In ancient China, hornbill skull is the princes will reveal the identity of the jewelry, because of its red color Neihuang people called "heding". Because of the texture is smooth and delicate, is elaborately carved after the hornbill skull value than even ivory is 3 times, Japanese used it for kimono decoration, the British had used it to make the jewelry box. In recent years, with a large number of Southeast Asian forests have been cut down, the number of hornbill dropped. Although the hornbill has been included in the Washington Convention of a protected species (critically endangered, banned the international trade), because of its skull is extremely precious value, hornbill is still the number one goal poachers grabbed, plus the number of endangered rare, more highlights its precious value. Until today, there are still a lot of people are of hornbill skull, which also makes the poachers increasingly rampant. In 2013 alone, in Borneo’s western Kalimantan Province, there are more than 6000 hornbill hunted. The process of taking hornbill skull is very cruel, when they are still alive, the hunters threw off their hornbill beak saw, not only to bear the pain, loss of foraging tools can only be starved to death. Then their skull was taken off, smuggled and sold for profiteering. Source: those things in Britain

香港海关查获珍稀鸟类头骨:价值比象牙高3倍-公益频道   9月8日消息,前段时间,香港海关查获了一批走私品,物品的形状很特殊,黄色部分尖尖的,底部红色的地方相当厚实。   海关仔细搜查后发现了更多类似的东西,色泽非常好。   因为之前没见过这样的物品,海关人员也不知道这究竟是什么,走私者称这是“野鸡的头骨”。但海关觉得,事情没那么简单,他们找到专家来协助调查,最后真相被揭开的那一刻,让人无比心痛…   这批物品是一种濒危鸟类的头骨,这种鸟名叫盔犀鸟,产于缅甸南部、泰国南部、马来半岛、婆罗州和苏门答腊等地500米以下的低海拔森林中。   盔犀鸟头骨像头盔,套在突出的喙上面。和一般的犀鸟不太一样,盔犀鸟的盔突是实心的,由坚硬的角蛋白构成,再加上它们的脂腺会分泌出红色的蜡质液体,能够染红其本是黄色的盔突,使得它们的头骨被认为是制作工艺品的上好材料。   在中国古代,盔犀鸟的头骨是公侯将相彰显身份的饰品,因其外红内黄的色泽被人们称为“鹤顶红”。   由于质地光滑细腻,被精心雕刻过后的盔犀鸟的头骨价值甚至要比象牙还高出3倍,日本人曾把它用作和服上的装饰,英国也曾出现用它做出的珠宝盒。近年来,随着东南亚的大量森林被砍伐,盔犀鸟的数量锐减。   尽管盔犀鸟已经被华盛顿公约列入一级保护物种(极其濒危,禁止其国际贸易),因其头骨极为珍贵的价值,盔犀鸟依然是盗猎者抢下的头号目标,再加上濒临灭绝数量稀少,更凸显了它的珍贵价值。直到今天,仍然有很多人在竞相收藏盔犀鸟的头骨,这也让盗猎者们愈加猖獗。   光是2013年,在婆罗洲的西加里曼丹省,就有6000多只盔犀鸟被捕猎。取下盔犀鸟头骨的过程十分残忍,在它们还活着的时候,捕猎者就直接把它们的上喙锯断,盔犀鸟不仅要承受剧痛,还失去了觅食的工具,只能活活饿死。然后它们的头骨被取下、被走私贩卖牟取暴利。   来源:英国那些事儿相关的主题文章: