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Homogenization of tourism products is the product of collusion between business and administrative p pretty rhythm

Tourism product homogeneity is the commercial and administrative power collusion product of the original title: tourism product homogeneity is the commercial and administrative power collusion products Author: Yue Qian recently held in Zhejiang, Zhoushan 2016 "island vacation forum", some experts believe that, at present, island tourism has become one of the fastest growing areas of the World Tourism and with the arrival of the era of ocean leisure, marine tourism, A new force suddenly rises. just unfolding. But with the development of the hot island tour, simplification and homogenization of tourism products are also popular. (Beijing in September 23rd) obviously, homogenization into prison not only the island tourism products, compared to island tourism product homogeneity flooded the country folk customs Street, Town Street, the tendency of more than. Tourism product homogeneity, is essentially a local cultural connotation of lack of performance for 1000 street, 1000 town side, neither the cultural characteristics of the display, and no local customs, there are similar designs, selling all standard products less attractive. In the homogenization of the wind coerced, there is not much difference between Beijing’s Nanluogu Lane and Yunnan Customs District, throughout the southern town of water is difficult to detect the differences. What is the reason for the homogenization of tourism products? The main reason is the invasion of business. As a dominant force in the modern society, commerce is the dominant mode of industry and product, which dominates the mode of consumption and service. Tourism products as an important part of the tourism industry, but also under the guidance of commercial logic, in this sense, tourism product homogeneity, business logic to blame. Indeed, after the rise of the tourism industry, the traditional tourism products is not enough, in this case, the lowest cost and most convenient way is to reform the existing tourism resources with a mature business model, by copying and imitation, quickly create a tourism product. We see that in a place there is a relatively high quality, mature tourism products, which immediately have a large number of followers, copied and imitators appeared. Over time, the gradual homogenization of tourism products, showing the side of thousands of streets, thousands of town side of the shortcomings. In this process, although it was noted that the lack of local characteristics of the problem, but compared to the interests of such issues, compared to the pursuit of the benefits of tourism, basically negligible. But if blindly blame the business logic, or more precisely, to express business logic, obviously some one-sided. In fact, the business logic crash are very popular, and promote the administrative power of the hand are not unrelated. Homogenization of tourism products, fundamentally speaking is not required by the market, but the executive power required. Administrative power need to be able to quickly profit of tourism products, need to be able to immediately stimulate local economic development of the tourism industry, copying and imitating that has become the most convenient way to work fast, become the most popular way. In fact, in the mass production of tourism products, copying and imitation process, we often can see the shadow of the local government, often can feel the power of the hands of manipulation. In general, the homogenization of tourism products Hao相关的主题文章: