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Homeschooling Without Homework-demonophobia

UnCategorized Its a boon to students that, homeschooling without homework. Because education is not only about grasping a particular skill or facts, it is a life process and it should not be confined to the classroom. We do not actually practice this concept, but duplicate the school classroom rules in our houses. Textbooks are analgesic to the imagination of a child, as they are crammed with information and facts. A child should read colorful and pictorial books and not classified readers or textbooks with paragraphs and .prehensions only, since every child is a fast learner and gains knowledge and experience through his own work, exploring facts and information. He learns to express himself by repeating whatever he has learned in school. The best way to teach a child would be to let him repeat whatever he has learnt or seen, as this is the best way to acquire knowledge from books. The narration of information of a child replaces the questionnaires and multiple-choice tests and it enables him to bring all the faculties of mind into play. By narrating, he learns from the expressions of good writers, as he interprets it on his own. Basically, there is no need for homework because a child immediately deals with the literature and demonstrates his mastery by narrating what he has learned. He gets to enjoy and be a part of a cozy evening and ample of parental attention, which he would otherwise lack if he had to deal with homework. Education should enhance the spiritual and intellectual caliber of a a child and not just provide skills needed to make a living. Love, admiration and faith should motivate a child, instead of artificial stimulants such as grades, .petition and prizes. Education should end by 1.00 p.m. and the afternoon should be free for leisure pursuits, so that a child can run, climb and be at ease. A child should be encouraged to work with and develop handicrafts or play some instrument and even visit lonely neighbors. These activities will enhance the overall growth. When the fear of a poor show in achievements overpowers humanity, the lessons be.e boring. A child feels saturated and parents feel frustrated. A child always craves for knowledge. Good education should inculcate good values in the child. Those who take the pain to inculcate good values in their children, secure a smooth and easy life for themselves ahead. On the other hand, those who let the habits of the child take care of themselves have to face a number of problems that arise due to the behavior pattern that sets in. A mother is the best teacher a child can get, as she instills one habit at a time and also monitors habits that are already formed. . A mother should be always alert to the emotional needs of her child and should not let things get out of control. . She should help form habits by using determination. . Negative and detrimental habits should be nipped in the initial stage. Parents feel that home schooling provides a child with confidence and this will ultimately leads to a better future, full of success and happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: