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Home, tired of playing jigsaw lost Do not throw, but also useful!-restorator

Home, tired of playing jigsaw lost? Don’t throw, also useful! – Sohu infant children puzzle often fight a few times is not playing, love to fight fresh pattern, sometimes even not how to play lost pieces of small, the whole picture is not complete, these pieces keep useless gesture of how to deal with it? TouchBOX N collected using the method, so that these 00 pieces of small section of magical play. Home Furnishing DIY DIY all kinds of fruit tray, a whole box of puzzle pieces don’t worry no place. Coaster coaster low cost, want to have as many ha. The effect of hollow pieces hollow Candlestick shape voids manufacturing, wrapped in the glass layer, very chic. The heart can do jigsaw decorations in the home, can also give good friends small hand. Let the puzzle graffiti pieces as free graffiti like pieces of crayons, like snow drifting profusely and disorderly fall, how beautiful ah! DIY world map if you have a lot of puzzles, don’t miss the idea. The crown of the tree lush puzzle, there will be a mottled shadows. Handmade flower pieces collocation of nonwoven fabrics, buttons, hand never withered flowers. Party decoration of several groups of puzzle Lahua such Lahua, absolutely unique. Fabric dyeing the puzzle shape worn on the body, on my shoulder, this is how much ah): jewelry piece jigsaw puzzle Necklace size puzzle attached silver paint, metal visual sense, but also can be made into lovers oh. Graffiti Necklace let the baby DIY graffiti, interesting Necklace pendant. Choose one of jigsaw puzzle pieces earrings of similar shape, do a pair of earrings add puzzle. Key couples share such a pair of keys, open your heart together. Holiday festival wreath wreath of the festival, add color to the festival. Snow white snow wreath wreath, elegant quiet. Christmas deer two Christmas deer practice, choose you like to try it. Christmas ornaments a set of Christmas theme decorations, jigsaw puzzle is too good to use! Gift packaging as a gift box packaging accessories, write your mind. Prints cross print design good shape, to the re – coloring of the puzzle, in the photo frame. Let the baby print the letter to do a set of print. DIY photo frame puzzle box, put the baby’s photos, how cute ah! The puzzle frame also can be put into a baby graffiti masterpiece, second art. A small hand only a piece of the puzzle puzzle bookmarks can complete small bookmark, Meng Meng da. Puzzle small animal spiders, butterflies, turkeys…… Can you think of any more? Choose the right jigsaw puzzle pieces相关的主题文章: