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Home Furnishing industry open to blatantly save decoration biggest heart?? in September 6th, people’s daily, people.com.cn launched the "blatantly good brand, 2016 clearly the common voice of the press conference, excellent brand building materials industry to implement the Home Furnishing blatantly invited to advocate sound, set off a new round of" blatantly "boom. In the home building materials market, although many brands have a clear price, but the price of the real deal is varied, which has become the largest consumer purchase of home improvement building materials heart disease. Blatantly dispel consumer concerns???? according to statistics, Chinese home decoration house, about 8 kinds of materials, 28 auxiliary, 35 basic engineering, 52 pieces of furniture and accessories, the purchase of nearly 200 goods. It will take at least 100 days for consumers to bargain with nearly 100 sales people at the more than and 80 store. For consumers, the price is opaque decoration biggest heart: the same brand, the same types of products, different prices in different stores, even under the Caidie, the same product, different price. The blatantly, consumers enjoy the benefits, is obviously, a lot of consumer concerns are dispelled, really saves time and money decoration. First, the price is more transparent, no bargaining, save time and effort. The price of consumption is as clear as noonday, transparent, without fear of water, it eliminates the need for a price and bargaining time. Consumers can focus more on the effect of home decoration and living experience. Secondly, the words of the big brands to talk about security, buy a comfortable rest assured. In the eyes of consumers, dare to blatantly brand, are guaranteed brands, real price means to ensure product quality and customer service service. Buy "blatantly" products, "I buy the rest assured." ?? Blatantly respect the design value?? in the past, Home Furnishing market "price standard" to the designer also caused problems: designers need to take a lot of time to assist consumers in the choice of decoration materials and bargaining, a lot of energy spent, will not have enough time to design the best scheme. The design value of blatantly respected design effects are guaranteed. First of all, save time and energy, concentrate on design to get more recognition. Clearly the standard market order, reduce the material supplier, consumer and designer communication time cost. After the design scheme is determined, there is no need to discuss several rounds of product selection because the price is opaque. No price trouble, time and energy more concentrated. Secondly, improve the design efficiency, to provide more customers with quality service. As a designer, should be achieved through the design of the program to the satisfaction of consumers. Clearly, the designer can release more energy, and do a good job design, develop professional value, so that consumers pay more attention to the design itself, guarantee the output effect of design scheme, design and improve the efficiency of the whole design circle. ?? Home Furnishing building materials industry, the implementation of a clearly, which can regulate the industry competition, reshaping credit consumption environment, professional value and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, respect the designer, eventually form a win-win situation. Now, home.相关的主题文章: