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Heroes day staged leg boom vs pinch face kill generation; Wen Wen contrast — Interpretation o-pr011.msi

"Heroes day" staged "leg boom" vs "pinch face kill"   generation; Wen Wen contrast — Interpretation of adorable people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn by Liang Guoguan, directed by Li Yonghui, the new generation of actors Jiang Long, Liu Shuai, Dai Wen Wen, Cui Chengguo, Law Ka Ying joined the drama starring with large martial arts through the bone "Heroes" network drama day day before being hit video Sohu. With the opening of the play through the brain through the set of wayward and relaxed funny style, attracting a large number of users. Especially as to Sissi and Oriental jade two characters of female one generation Wen Wen, because the freedom to switch in the ancient modern two kinds of identity, the perfect interpretation of the contrast between the two characters of adorable won the praise of users. To sissy "leg boom" domineering Liu Ritian Wen Wen drama is like "handsome" in modern drama, Wen Wen plays the part of generation, sissy lobster Museum owner to sissy, she is the landlady is Liu Ritian day heart love goddess, often wearing trousers, wearing a horse tail. Smooth and clean, full of air attack. Everyday she and Liu Ritian were quarrelling, yiyanbuge took duster lessons from Liu Ritian, but in the day is difficult when will be encouraged to care about him, is a typical hard softhearted female man". Liu Ritian through to the ancient, so in the modern missing a few days, to know the truth to worry about sissy. And then put back to the modern day when angry sissy suddenly pushed him into the wall with a domineering "leg boom", more ready to hit him on a cheap day adorable face said: "I enjoy". This domineering "leg boom" not only captured the hearts of the actor, but also makes the audience attracted her "handsome husband, barrage". But seemingly resolute to sissy, but in feeling very passive, she denied Xu Jie’s guess also evade day confession, not only has modern rival more ancient oriental jade spring son, let the audience can not help feeling of two people pinched to sweat. Generation of Wen Wen Oriental jade Canbei tender pinched face duzui sell adorable knock another role played by Wen Wen is lovely generation of ancient Oriental home Miss Oriental jade, she was saved by chance from the modern through to the actor Liu Ritian, and in love. Oriental jade was a sickly, therefore not all oriental martial arts, is a pearl in the palm in the mansion. I played a pink dress, long hair fluttering, can show every act and every move of the gentle gentle ancient great lady. Although suffered thousands of pet, but the Oriental jade alone on the "master" Liu Tianyan listen to meter from, even if Liu Ritian cheat jade pinched face is big in China to the ceremony, she did as well. Friends address him, "being squeezed into" Buns face "Jade’s too cute". In the play, Wen Wen’s generation of Oriental jade to Liu Ritian an infatuation, dare to love and hate. Even if I know that day like is not their own, still gentle and considerate of him, often accompanied by. Netizens have said distressed so gentle jade: darling, I don’t want to Liu Ritian! Whether it is tender Oriental jade, is confident perseverance in generation to sissy, Wen Wen’s interpretation is lively and vivid. Wen Wen generation by her outstanding performance, the first challenge who played horns has successfully created two distinctive characters, the natural flow of speech)相关的主题文章: