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Help others to contract projects accepting commissions 2 million Liang Qinghua first instance jailed-diamondprox

Help others to contract projects accepting commissions 2 million Liang Qinghua first instance jailed nanguojinbao reporter Yan Qiang in October 31st, the Laibin City intermediate people’s Court of the autonomous region housing and Urban Construction Department Deputy inspection and Law Enforcement Bureau researcher Liang Qinghua 2 million yuan bribery case verdicts, Liang Qinghua guilty of taking bribes, the crime of breach of privilege, sentenced to 8 years, and fined 500 thousand yuan. The meeting was brought back to the investigation for the 46 year old Liang Qinghua has served as director of the Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County Construction Bureau, Jinxiu housing and Urban Construction Bureau of the Autonomous Region Department of housing and urban rural development policies and regulations (Law Enforcement Bureau) director, autonomous region housing and urban research department deputy bureau law enforcement officer post. In October 2015, Laibin City Supervision Bureau found Liang Qinghua He Moufu suspected of accepting bribes of 1 million 700 thousand yuan (handled separately). In November 16th of the same year, the board of supervisors went to the Wuming District of Nanning city (formerly Wuming county) Guangxi transportation investment group training center, will be attending the meeting of Liang Qinghua back to the Laibin City Bureau of supervision. In the early stages of review, Liang Qinghua refused to explain his personal discipline problems. After education, Liang Qinghua in December 2nd of the same year, he confessed to accepting moufu 2 million yuan bribe crimes. On suspicion of taking bribes, Liang Qinghua was arrested in December 26th of the same year, was arrested in January 8, 2016. Was accused of bribery and the crime of breach of privilege prosecutor accused, from 2010 to 2011, Liang Qinghua served as the Jinxiu County Housing and Urban Construction Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Jinxiu Housing Construction Bureau) director of his office, why a blessing by Jinxiu County Yao Plaza project, Jinxiu County granite paving the river clean project, Jinxiu county and street light installation project for the Chinese company contracted Jinxiu Xinyi sewage treatment plant equipment procurement and installation projects to provide help, has received 1 million 300 thousand yuan commissions 700 thousand yuan commissions to He Moufu and He Moufu gave the company by china. In addition, Liang Qinghua in the name of his wife Huang Mourong, He Moufu to accept care by sending the weekdays to 950 thousand yuan, the auction proceeds of the local tax bureau of Jinxiu County, the old office building half of the property. In addition to alleged bribery, Liang Qinghua has also been accused of abuse of power. From September 2011 to December, Liang Qinghua served as Jinxiu Secretary of housing during the follow Guikun when Ren Jinxiu County Zhao (handled separately) indicating violations in 3 will be 22 million 250 thousand yuan of land transfer payments allocated to the Commonwealth of Jinxiu Albert Real Estate Co. Ltd, for the construction of five star hotels and supporting infrastructure, resulting in unable to recover, resulting in the huge economic losses to the state. From 2009 to 2010, Liang Qinghua served as Jinxiu Secretary of housing, Datong Laibin City Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and Jinxiu county and the real estate development limited liability company in the real estate development process, changing the volume ratio and building density control planning conditions for the program illegal, Liang Qinghua knows the truth is approved, then no basis program Chaogu Land Bureau, in violation of procedures issued by the company and the company license and Datong project planning and construction permits, resulting in datong.相关的主题文章: