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Hefei Shushan tourism is not civilized behavior tree swing hammock bleep

Hefei Shushan tourism is not civilized behavior tree hammock swings according to Hefei online news yesterday, Hefei weather, many people came to Shushan an invigorating autumn climate, foresight, leisure. Reporters on the scene found in the mountain, the army, the majority of people can do civilized travel, but there are a few people appear to harm the flowers and trees, throw rubbish and other uncivilized behavior. 10 morning, the reporter came to Shushan on the mountainside a flat place, I saw a group of people in the rest, some drink, eat some snacks. Reporters observed that they stay open, finished, ready to get up and continue climbing the mountain, a young man with a large plastic bag, will drink beverage bottles and scattered on the floor of the snack bags and other debris, all in a bag. "To see the subtle civilization, civilization in behavior between." Zhang Wei, a university student volunteer with reporters, said that if everyone is like them, the environment will be more beautiful Shushan. However, the reporter also found some uncivilized phenomenon. Although the big Shushan set up a lot of garbage cans, but reporters all the way to the mountains, every other distance, can be found in the garbage or garbage in the roadside grass. In a hillside of the tree leaves, the reporter saw not far away, a family of three under the tree in the play, parents are playing with a child swing hammock hammock, the two ends in two trees, a child lying in a hammock, parents swaying swing. To see this scene, Zhang Wei took out a "civilized persuasion" sign from the backpack, walked over to them. When Zhang Wei was near, they may see the volunteer placards, aware of their uncivilized behavior, they stopped playing, put down the child from the hammock, hammock off, pick up the luggage to go down the hill. Zhang Wei told reporters that such uncivilized behavior, often found in summer, and advised them, so that they can not hurt the trees. "Now the situation is a lot less, occasionally encounter a little persuasion, tourists can understand." Zhang Wei said that the tourists play hammock in the mountains, although there is no direct damage to the trees, but the tree flowers were trampled destroyed, many people, is a bare tree. Therefore, he reminded members of the public, not to hurt the mountain climbing civilization.相关的主题文章: