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Hefei Real Estate Management Bureau August new housing over 7000 sets of real estate, people.com.cn-melia kreiling

Hefei Real Estate Management Bureau: August new housing over 7000 sets of real estate — people.com.cn original title: August Hefei new housing over 7000 sets of Hefei real estate administration, the Hefei property market in August nine a total of 29 projects were launched, over 7000 suites source market. Data show that the Hefei property market in August a total of nine districts of 29 projects to push the new opening, the new housing over 7000 units. Compared to more than 9000 sets in July, the number of opening has been reduced. Residential, apartments, villas, office buildings and villas are introduced, in which the majority of residential products. In the new housing distribution, in addition to the Shushan area in August without the project opened, the other 11 districts have properties to push new. Among them, the open area opened the largest real estate, there are 6 projects were launched, accounted for 20.69%; Baohe District of Feixi County, the 4 push new disk, Feidong county 3, Luyang District, North District, Binhu District, Yaohai District, the new district with 2 disc, chief District high-tech zones, each with 1 disc. August property market grab room continues. A number of projects launched by that sold out. In August 6th, Xu Hui platinum Wyatt luchowfu opened for the first time, more than and 400 sets of listings, the average price level reached more than 20 thousand, is Hefei’s first high priced more than 20 thousand of the real estate. In August 27th, Hengda international opened the new crystal, 806 sets of refined decoration listings launched a one-time price of 17 thousand square meters. Hefei hit a record opening that sold out. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: