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He put 5000 bottles on the Amazon into art "as a designer, I feel that life is not too comfortable. A little cold will make you more aware, more can feel the pulse of life." Spanish men are known for their rough and coarse lines, with designers and Catalá who are born and set up studios in, n de Ocó n. Alvaro wore a cotton shirt fit, even to two buttons, rolled up his sleeves and black rimmed glasses and always shallow rigorous expression, and full of philosophy of design concept, make him look more like the Germans indifferent is restrained. Study in the University of Madrid business management (1996-2000), he went on to study design in Milan, and graduates with honor in the UK’s largest art school "central Saint Martin" (2001-2004). But let him shine in the world of art is a PET (green plastic lamp) project. Q: what you study at the University of Madrid is business management, and why would you go to study design? Alvaro: I’m not interested in business school, but I’m interested in painting, sculpture and architecture. When I was in college, I decided to take the military service. After that, I decided to continue my study in business, but after graduation, I went to another school to study. Q: the PET project is the most famous project you’ve ever had. Why did you choose Columbia to open the project? Alvaro: when I and some designers in Columbia in summer. Where the craft is very rich, I am looking for some good projects more about this place the hand in the Amazon basin. So we contacted a local organization dedicated to the protection of manual skills, so began the project. Q: why do you still have this project? Alvaro: this project is not only to learn about Columbia, but also to understand the world better. It’s not just a design project. Let us not as tourists, as local people know, people observe the world. Q: how do you combine a studio with a home? Alvaro: I feel everything is logical. There were 7 people at work in the morning, and I had dinner with my friends in the evening. This curtain is a physical boundary, sometimes I will pull up work alone. I keep a bird, it is called skin, can fly in this free. Q: How did you design the studio? Alvaro: the room I designed for myself was like a room in the house, a quiet and cozy cabin. Small room is my daughter Sofia live in a bar, have their own private space, but she can also take a look at my work. In the window. Sofia can look at the window in the living room of the father asked: in the design of the rest, what kind of music do you like best? Alvaro: all kinds of. Bob Dylan is my inspiration to report相关的主题文章: