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Haruki Murakami won the Andersen prize that history will eventually come to modify stand by me shinee

Haruki Murakami won the Andersen prize that history will eventually come to modify the original title: Haruki Murakami won the Andersen Prize speech warning Haruki Murakami [global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported: according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on October 31st on the history of Denmark, this year the Andersen prize winner, Japanese writer Haruki Murakami (67 years old) 30 in Hans Christian Andersen Odense home to Denmark to attend the awards ceremony, said in English speech, "no matter how high up the barriers, the harsh outsiders are excluded, for their own interests to rewrite history, the results are still only hurt myself." Although Haruki did not specify what language refers to the barriers and outsiders, but this statement is estimated for rejection mood in Europe and around the world increasingly serious for refugees and immigrants such as "others" and try to modify the history of the momentum of the alarm ringing. Haruki in this "shadow" in the meaning of the title of the speech mentioned in the works of Andersen "the shadow", tells the story of the hero in the shadow of imperceptibly separated from the master independently, eventually lead to a terrible ending, that is not only the individual, society and all countries have the shadow, and the people who need to face each other." He said, "if you don’t face the future, the shadow may become stronger and come back again." Haruki won the 500 thousand Danish kroner (about 490 thousand yuan) and from the works of Andersen’s "ugly duckling" statue. Andersen prize for literature in November last year, the jury announced the award will be awarded to Mr. Haruki. They are the classical narrative and popular literature, traditional Japanese, fantastic reality and philosophical discussion of bold together force on the evaluation of the works of Haruki, Andersen’s successor as to merit." Andersen prize was established in 2007, is designed to recognize the impact of the writers of the world on the writers, Haruki is the winner of the fifth. Previous winners include Harry ·, the author of the series, the famous British writer J· K·. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: