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Guy riding a motorcycle rushed into the crowd in Shaoxing’s 48 year old police hit and killed-lata-01

Guy riding a motorcycle rushed into the crowd in Shaoxing’s 48 year old police killed if no accident, a week later, just go to the Ningbo University son will come back National Day with his father, he talk about life in the East university. However, the evening of September 22nd, during a routine check drunk driving action, the 48 year old police Redon got hit by a motorcycle to escape inspection, although after rescue, eventually didn’t make it. That night, the traffic police detachment brigade in Shaoxing Paojiang area Ma Shan Zhen Yu Xian Lu near the drunk driving, at 7 pm 35 PM, a motorcycle driver was found in front of passing, set up checkpoints, then turn left. As a result, the motorcycle met another traffic policeman on duty at another point. But the motorcycle didn’t slow down, but it accelerated. Because the speed is very fast, in order to avoid the past people hurt, is with the police official duties of police Redon hurried over, for motorcycle parking. Did not expect the motorcycle with a heavy foot, he went straight up past the body. Because too late to escape, he was hit in the east. Site colleagues recalled, after hit, the head of the blood flow blocked can not be blocked". Colleagues left a few people to take care of the East, and the rest of them came forward to hunt down the motorcycle. Soon, the motorcycle driver was under control. 10 minutes later, the 120 ambulance arrived. After rescue, but He Dong because intracranial bleeding, died. After investigation, the motorcycle driver surnamed Zhao, 24 years old, Sichuan people, the Department of driving without a license, motorcycle accident to clone car, red card, the car with his girlfriend. At present, Zhao is under criminal detention by the police on suspicion of crime, and the case is under investigation. According to colleagues, He Dong is a more than 10 years working experience of the old Association, is the family breadwinner, father is ill in hospital for a long time. His wife also suffers from breast cancer, son just this year, admitted to the University, he suddenly left the East, to the traffic police brigade Paojiang and his family, is a big loss.

小伙骑摩托车冲向人群 绍兴48岁老协警被撞身亡 如果没出这次意外,再过一个星期,刚去宁波上大学的儿子就要回来过国庆节,跟父亲贺东说说大学里的生活情况。但是,9月22日晚上,在一次常规查酒驾行动中,48岁的协警贺东被一辆躲避检查的摩托车撞了,虽然经过全力抢救,最终还是没挺过来。当晚,绍兴交警支队袍江大队在辖区马山镇育贤路附近查酒驾,晚上7时35分左右,一辆摩托车路过,驾驶员发现前面正设卡检查,就掉头离开。结果,摩托车碰到了在另一个点执勤的交警。但摩托车并没减速,反而加速往前冲。因为车速很快,为避免过往群众受到伤害,正配合交警执行公务的协警贺东快步走过去,示意摩托车停车。没想到摩托车猛加油门,径直朝贺东身上冲过去。因为来不及躲避,贺东被撞翻在地。现场同事回忆,被撞后,贺东头上的血“流得堵都堵不住”。同事留下几人照看贺东,其余都上前追捕肇事摩托车。很快,摩托车司机被控制住了。10分钟后,120急救车赶到。经过全力抢救,但贺东因为颅内出血过多,因公殉职。经查,摩托车司机姓赵,24岁,四川人,系无证驾驶,肇事摩托车为套牌车,冲卡时,车上还带着他的女朋友。目前,赵某因涉嫌犯罪被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步调查中。据同事介绍,贺东是一名有10多年工作经验的老协警,是家里顶梁柱,父亲因病长期住院,妻子也患有乳腺癌,儿子今年刚考上大学,贺东的突然离开,对袍江交警大队和他的家庭,都是很大的损失。相关的主题文章: