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[Guizhou Qiandongnan] is the Xijiang Qianhu Miao village, Drunken Beauty Tour Tourism – Sohu luonv

[Qiandongnan] Guizhou? Have the Xijiang 1000, drunk America Miao depth Tour – Sohu tourism order across 1800 kilometers from the north to the southwest, from day to night. The whole day, arrived in Shijiazhuang Xijiang river. Just look at it, China, miao. Originated in China, an international nation with a long history and a splendid nation. Miao village in Xijiang Qianhu Miao village about ten hillside connected into natural villages, indigenous people of more than ten thousand people, the long evolutionary history of migration, which is the world’s largest China Miao village. In China, in Guizhou, Qiandongnan, xijiang. Diaojiaolou, boasting, 1000 lamps, wine, delicacy of Miao song Miao dance……. Thousands on thousands of strange customs, there exists, this is called "Xijiang Miao village". Among them, the most shocking is the Xijiang Miao Village Diaojiao building, from the valley to the top of the hill, folds, tiny spots, a level of spread, the two mountains above, dotted with many thousand Miao village, spectacular! Find the hearts of the quiet home in the legend of the Xijiang Miao village, the largest gathering of China Miao village. Terrace, Castle Peak, Mei, on stilts…… Walk on the cobbled road, quietly feeling the temperature of the Xijiang river. Sunrise, sunset, love every morning cock birds, love the wind that shakes the barley leaves again and again, love dusk smoke, love the night under the bridge river…… this is… Maybe, looking for a quiet home, should be. Miao silver, architecture, clothing, language, diet, traditional customs not only well preserved and typical. In the past Baotou Xijiang Miao robe, towel headband, color is black, it is referred to as the "black Miao", also known as the "Miao dress". Drunk beauty is more important than the Xijiang River, drink eat [] have to say of the wine culture since entering the Xijiang River Gate, will face an important thing: that is the wine. If you are drunk, went to West as heaven; if you be wine, when from the Xijiang leave might fall in love with. The wine bar, wine bar is an important custom of Guizhou Qiandongnan Miao village, is a unique way to welcome miaozhai. Water buffalo horn wine, highway 12 wine. When the guests arrived, everyone will be in the village of Miao village in front of the sweet rice wine greeted the guests, welcome to the highest etiquette is Miao Tao, usually the first to propose a toast to the village elders, on behalf of相关的主题文章: