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Guangzhou network about the new regulations to be provided for the car drivers with junior high scho-cancam

Guangzhou car about the proposed new regulations stipulates: the driver with junior high school above information news agency map reporter Wu Junjie photo Beijing, October 8, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission news, 8, interim measures of Guangzhou network booking taxi business service management issued "the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as for draft). Draft clear, engaged in the network about car service driver, male age should be under 60 years of age, women should be under the age of 55 years old, junior high school education level above, healthy citizens. The draft said, in the net about car service driver, they shall conform to the "procedures" network booking taxi service management business conditions, shall also meet the following conditions: (a) male under 60 years of age, women under 55 years old, graduated from junior high school degree or above, good health citizen; (two) issued by the public security departments have the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license. Draft clear, for "online booking taxi driver certificate", shall submit the following materials: (a) "taxi driver qualification certificate application form"; (two) ID card, a copy of the "motor vehicle driving license"; (three) junior high school or equivalent certificate photocopy; (four) issued by the city’s two third grade hospitals in the last 1 years the medical report photocopy; (five) no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no record, no drug driving after drinking, recently recorded 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record, no record of violence committed original material; (six) commissioned by the driver about the car network platform company on behalf of the applicant shall provide effective entrustment agreement signed by both parties. The applicant shall provide the original documents for verification. Draft clear, city traffic administrative departments in accordance with the provisions for verification according to the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification examination, to comply with the conditions and assessment of qualified drivers issued "online booking taxi driver card". Has obtained the qualification of the pilot car driver, after the cancellation of registration, you can apply directly to the network booking taxi driver’s license. Draft clear, the driver and the network about the car about car platform company to terminate the labor contract or agreement, through the network platform about the car company to the city traffic administrative departments reported complete registration, filing information including the driver qualification certificate, and the information network platform about the car company to terminate the labor contract or agreement proof. Network about the driver of the car after the cancellation of registration, shall not continue to be engaged in the original registration of the network about the vehicle platform company network about car service.相关的主题文章: