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Guangzhou Futures: supply and demand report bad beans Alexander review at home and abroad in September the price of beans, western United States that the current harvest weather blocked, delayed field work schedule, a boost for the domestic soybean, soybean and soybean meal homeopathic rebound. At the beginning of October exports to us, and the high expectations of USDA inventory data is less than the market, half of us support again before the National Day rally. With the coming harvest pressure, either taking a few days ago, the lack of long-term gains, the subject of speculation, the overall trend is still maintaining low volatility. Last month, the USDA supply and demand report, 201617 annual U.S. soybean yield forecast record up to 50.6 bushels per acre in August, the report estimates that 48.9 bushels per acre. The 201617 annual soybean yield was raised to 4 billion 201 million bushels, higher than last month estimated 4 billion 60 million bushels. Inventory data, the United States 201516 year ending stocks forecast down to 195 million bushels from 255 million bushels, the actual value is quite close to the estimates, low inventory will play a supporting role for the U.S. soybean prices, according to NOPA’s August soybean crush crush us current calculation, the final inventory for 1 and a half months, is not with the export, visible in the harvest progress significantly advance, either the overall tight supply situation. But the latest data show that the current harvest progress accelerated, as of October 9th week, the U.S. soybean harvest rate was 44%, increased by 18% over the previous week 26%, although behind last year’s progress, but has close to five years average 47%. Harvest progress has not been significantly delayed, the U.S. soybean supply will tend to loose. South America, Brazil plant has started, the current local weather suitable for planting, and La Nina effect was weak, the latter is expected to influence small, may yield 201617 year. Argentina president Mauricio Macri said that Argentina will not cut? Soybean export tariffs this year or 2017, but from January 2018 to December 2019 monthly soybean export tariff reduction of 0.5%. The local farmers Tuen beans will decrease, Argentina soybean or will accelerate the inflow of international market, the impact of low-cost beans will enable U.S. soybean prices under pressure. Before June the domestic hog prices continued to rise, continued tight supply of live pigs, slaughtering enterprises are faced with difficult, closed pig purchasing cost high pressure, and even the price is difficult to receive pigs, slaughter weight decreased sharply. But after June, the high diving pig price plummeted, farmers panic, pre pressure bar a large number of pigs cattle slaughter, slaughter enterprises demand capacity opened homeopathy, pork price down the curtain. China’s Ministry of agriculture data show that in August 2016 sows 37 million 290 thousand, down 3.4%, a decrease of 0.6% in July, up by 3.2%, less than 0.2%; in August 376 million 710 thousand live pigs, representing a decrease of 2.8%, growth of 0.2% in July, up by 2.4%, less than 0.1%. Domestic aquaculture companies more cautious column, the implementation of environmental policy is also limited, the early domestic pork price strong.相关的主题文章: