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Guangxi first blood donation micro film very love, Zhuo Jun jumped broom dance-www.62422.cn

Guangxi’s first blood donation micro film "very love", Zhuo Jun jump "broom dance", "very love" is Guangxi’s first voluntary blood donation theme micro film, show "blood donation" and "unconventional love"". The film tells a sanitation worker, in a car accident, his blood donated to the people who had insulted her, to his rebellious son shows what is "very love."". Mu Liyan and Zhuo Jun played a pair of mother and son "love" the starting ceremony of "China’s Got Talent" champion Zhuojun played a love dance of senior high school students in the film, together with her mother in a single parent family, the well rehearsed "broom dance" has become a bright spot in the micro film. The role of the mother of the sanitation worker invited the powerful actor Mu Liyan to play. The film in Nanning viewfinder, the plot of the film also reflects the help of the spirit of Nanning. "Love" the director Lu Jing with said, "love" at the same time into the dream of youth, growth, and other elements of the times, it is not only a to warm the hearts of the micro film, or a witness to the city symbol, motherly love and youth, to pay tribute to donors to pay tribute to the works of art. At present, this micro film is participating in "moral world, micro shadow story" – Guangxi practice the socialist core values micro video (film) contest. This micro film competition according to the requirements and the deployment of the Central Propaganda Department, the Regional Party Committee Propaganda Department, Civilization Office of the autonomous region, autonomous region, autonomous region Education Department of press and Publication Bureau jointly organized. Welcome to the competition website ZT 2016 PC WDY index.shtml view support, there are more wonderful micro film, you come to see Oh ~!

广西首部无偿献血微电影《非常爱》 卓君跳起“扫帚舞”   《非常爱》是广西首部无偿献血题材公益微电影,展示的是“无偿献血”和“非常规的爱”。影片讲述了一位环卫工人,在一次车祸中,将自己的鲜血无偿捐献给曾经侮辱过她的人,向自己叛逆的儿子展示了什么是“非常爱”。 穆丽燕和卓君饰演一对母子 《非常爱》开机仪式   “中国达人秀”冠军卓君在片中饰演一个热爱街舞的高中生,在一个单亲家庭里与母亲相依为命,其精心排练的“扫把舞”成为微电影中的一个亮点。剧中环卫工人母亲的角色则邀请了实力派演员穆丽燕出演。影片在南宁取景,片中的剧情也体现了能帮就帮的南宁精神。   《非常爱》的导演卢精用表示,《非常爱》同时融入了青春、成长、梦想等时代元素,它不仅是一部能够温暖人心的微电影,还是一部见证城市符号、向母爱和青春致敬、向无偿献血者致敬的艺术作品。   目前,这部微电影正在参加“德行天下・微影故事”――广西践行社会主义核心价值观微视频(电影)大赛。本届微电影大赛根据中宣部的要求和部署,由自治区党委宣传部、自治区文明办、自治区教育厅、自治区新闻出版广电局联合举办。欢迎来大赛官网 zt 2016 pc wdy index.shtml观影支持,这里还有更多精彩微电影等你来看哦~相关的主题文章: