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Guang’an 19 year old girl deceived into MLM Mianyang police to rescue thousands of miles (Figure) (v-mi.11bt.info

Guang’an 19 year old girl deceived into MLM Mianyang police to rescue thousands of miles (Figure) today (11.9) live in Mianyang (micro-blog) reporter from the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fucheng (micro-blog) bureau learned that the city of Mianyang Fucheng District Public Security Bureau police station new soap which lasted 5 days, between Mianyang and Yinchuan, successfully rescued in Yinchuan city because of being up to 20 MLM dens of Yu Tian’s 19 year old girl chen. Chen is a Mianyang occupation school freshman. National Day Eve (September 30th), Chen leave to the teacher back to Guang’an (micro-blog) home in the holidays, but October 7th did not return to school on time when Chen fake. "I think she’s just corrupt play, she asked me also approved contracts. But in 10, she suddenly find all kinds of reasons to drop out, I feel wrong. No. 11, contact her family did not know, she did not return to Guang’an, her friend said she went to Chengdu, so we immediately." Zhao said. The new police station after police found soap preliminary investigation, Chen was cheated by the netizen to Yinchuan a marketing organization. During the marketing staff in order to mislead the police, also let Chen in his QQ space has been released to Shanghai news. In October 21st, Chen police and their parents and teachers together to Yinchuan. The new soap police station Jiang Xulin recalls: "one is not familiar with the local situation; the two is found in the process of investigation, the location within the region there are many MLM dens, they are less than a week for a missing dens, very difficult." 22 days to 25 days, the police according to the law of life in MLM, every morning 7 points to 9 points, looking for Chen in Yinchuan City Lijing Hubei gate, Zhongshan Park area, but did not find traces. The search was in trouble, the police decided to let Chen’s parents and teachers may appear in the local Chen posted notices, and continue to suspected cheating Chen’s mobile phone number to send text messages, phone calls, inform the public security organs have been around to track their whereabouts. Finally, in October 26th 16 PM, Chen father received phone calls from Chen station in Yinchuan city train. According to Chen, in August this year, she was surnamed Xu met on the Internet, and talked about friends with him. "". At the end of September, Xu Chen went to Yinchuan city to "play", which know the train is Xu and peer control, forcing the so-called "financial concept of learning". During the period, Xu et al. Also the use of violence, intimidation and other means not to let Chen go out, control their personal freedom. In October 26th, the marketing staff under the pressure of the police, will put out small. Subsequently, the police immediately rushed to the MLM dens related personnel to deal with. (reporter: Li Yujia) here, Xiaobian remind you: 1. see friends need to be cautious. 2. don’t have flourishes idea. 3. if you want to go somewhere to do something, be sure to inform the whereabouts of their relatives. 4. once found himself deceived into a scam, must be tactfully sent a distress message to the outside world. If 5. people have found a suspicious activity around the crowd, please contact with the police. Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading girl cheated in MLM dens labor number and the password into a distress signal

广安19岁女孩被骗进传销 绵阳警方跋涉万里相救(图) 今天(11.9)直播绵阳 (微博)记者从绵阳市公安局涪城(微博)区分局了解到,绵阳市公安局涪城区分局新皂派出所民警历时5天,来回绵阳、银川两地,成功解救了因受骗而深陷银川市传销窝点长达20余天的19岁女生小陈。小陈是绵阳某职业学校大一新生。国庆节前夕(9月30日),小陈向老师请假回广安(微博)家中过节,但10月7日收假时小陈却没有按时返校。“当时我以为她只是贪耍,她要求续假我也批准了。但到了10号,她突然找各种理由要退学,我就觉得不对头了。11号,联系上她家人才知,她根本就没有回广安,她的朋友又说她去成都了,于是我们马上报案。”赵老师说。新皂派出所警方初步调查后发现,小陈被网友骗到了银川一传销组织。期间,传销人员为了误导警方,还让小陈在其QQ空间发布了已经到上海的消息。10月21日,民警与小陈父母、老师一起赶到银川寻人。新皂派出所民警蒋绪林回忆:“一是对当地情况不熟悉;二是调查过程中发现,当时定位的区域内还有很多传销窝点,他们不到一周就换个窝点,寻人难度非常大。”22日至25日,民警根据传销人员的生活规律,每天早上7点至9点,在银川市丽景湖北门、中山公园一带寻找小陈,但均未发现其踪迹。寻人陷入困境后,民警决定让小陈的父母和老师在小陈可能出现的地方贴发寻人启事,并不断给涉嫌欺骗小陈的手机号码发短信、打电话,告知其公安机关已经在四处追踪他们的下落。终于,在10月26日16时许,小陈父亲接到了小陈在银川市火车站打来的求助电话。据小陈介绍,今年8月她在网上认识了徐姓男子,并与他“谈起了朋友”。9月底,徐某让小陈去银川市“耍”,哪知一下火车就被徐某及其同伴控制住,强迫其学习所谓的“金融理念”。期间,徐某等人还使用暴力、恐吓等手段不让小陈外出,控制其人身自由。10月26日,传销人员迫于警方压力,将小陈放了出来。随后,警方立马赶到传销窝点对相关人员进行了处理。(记者:李玉佳)在这里,小编要提醒大家:1.见网友需谨慎。2.不要抱有一夜暴富的想法。3.如果要去某地做某事,一定要告知亲人,自己的下落。4.一旦发现自己被骗入某种骗局,一定要机智地向外界发出求救信息。5.如果市民们发现身边有可疑人群活动,请及时与警方取得联系。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 女孩被骗陷传销窝点 用工号和密码编成求救信号相关的主题文章: