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"Grandchildren spend grandma pension money continued: the company returned more than 8000 consumption models – Beijing Claus 20000 yuan deposit excludes all doubt take wings to itself, the object, finally left a possible — money is a 13 year old grandson Yang (pseudonym) flowers. In several times even coax to cheat, Yang finally admitted that all the money spent on mobile games. As a result of the ocean is still a minor, but also a financial difficulties, with the assistance of the media, Chengdu, a game development company has returned more than 8000 yuan consumption. There are more than 14000 yuan, said the ocean is in addition to the consumption of the other two online games (newspaper reported on the 4). November 4th, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter has made contact with the online game development company, the other said that if the case is true, will be properly handled in accordance with established procedures. However, the pit is not only ocean, due to no threshold, minors are easy to be all kinds of mobile phone network game temptation". The latest development of children playing games spent more than 20 thousand yuan has recovered more than $8000 in September 20th, Ou Qingyuan to the bank to withdraw money, but found that the original card more than twenty-four thousand yuan, only $15. Know the bank card password, in addition to his wife and his son, only 13 years old grandson. At first, Yangyang denied, however, in the family, he finally admitted under the act tough and talk soft. It turned out that Ou Qingyuan old two illiterate, so only to be able to help the family in the vicinity of the ocean to help take a few money, then, Yangyang remember the password. This summer, he hooked a cartoon characters as the theme of the mobile phone game, when the interface jump to bind the bank card to get a gift, he didn’t want to put her bank card binding, and he often in order to upgrade and recharge. Bank statement shows that in June to October this year, in addition to the monthly wage income in the middle of the month, other records are spending, the amount ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, up to a sum of 900 yuan. Each expenditure is paid through an online platform, a total of more than twenty-four thousand yuan. On the morning of November 2nd, with the help of neighbors and the media, Ou Qingyuan old two came to this game belongs to the operating company, the company found the person in charge and explained the situation. Ultimately, the person in charge decided to refund the money. However, the staff found in the query, the account provided only 8190 yuan yangyang. That is to say, there are more than ten thousand yuan disappear without a trace. After several inquiries, Yangyang finally admitted that he was still playing two games. November 3rd, the reporter contacted the two game development company. The company said, for the protection of minors rights groups into consideration, to users of the related complaints refund request, to provide the full proof in the case, will be properly handled in accordance with established procedures. Reporters experience Mobile Games no "threshold" number of minors "money" in addition to the ocean, get into the game and recharge the children playing games is not in the minority. Reporter downloaded the ocean to play an online game, just QQ number will be able to log on, there is no threshold". The purchase of "skin" is quite simple, just follow the prompts, through WeChat or alipay;相关的主题文章: