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Gorgeous single A Jiao good skin afraid of no boyfriend-adobe gamma

Gorgeous single A Jiao good skin afraid of no boyfriend? Introduction: Recently a song: "TWINS said we are the singles" gorgeous, Yan BA A Jiao also at the concert that he is "single dog", but she looks so beautiful and no boyfriend? (source: Claire network) that we are all gorgeous singles good skin afraid of not having a boyfriend? Recently, TWINS out of a new song: "we are all gorgeous single", Yan A Jiao also called himself at the concert is a single dog, but she was so beautiful and no boyfriend? The two goddess in Shanghai concert on the super girl’s pink dress, is still just the debut of the girls like ah. A Jiao is still the people than the flower goddess fan A Jiao is still the man than the flower goddess fan, not only a white lightning, the small thick legs covered up, such a single dog is also estimated to have a super handsome chase. The face of collagen collagen face muscle collagen, the two group of Apple muscle is really make people love, no wonder it is called Yan pa". And not in the work of the state, A Jiao’s daily is also beautiful to burst table. Say we are gorgeous single skin good still afraid no boyfriend? "Strength" and found the girls favorite makeup makeup "vitality" from A Jiao’s daily, especially love coral pink, white temperament. Rehearsal gap of the side of the side of the side of the rehearsal space to kill kill kill, full of collagen and double eyelid long eyelashes let small Jia this old aunt envy don’t want. A girl will be mixed muscle strength Makeup Foundation and Bright Dairy 1 than 1 in order to create a sense of gloss girl muscle, choose thin finish products is the key, can be foundation and mixed bright milk 1:1, with a foundation brush in the palm and mixed evenly; in accordance with the direction of the tip of the smear foundation from the center to the exterior face the foundation, along the skin texture can effectively conceal pores; take a small amount of Blush Powder and foundation and makeup before the milk mixture is made into liquid, take a small amount of powder and blush blush foundation and makeup before the milk mixture is made into liquid blush, makeup more natural and lasting; gently with powder in the easy shiny the nose and eyelids at pressing makeup, keep the rest of the glossy lipstick and lip gloss; finally select two similar color lipstick and lip gloss First, fill the lip color lip, lip gloss and lipstick in a pink girl, make sense. Xiao Jia recommended: M.A.C custom Aqua light M.A.C custom Aqua light liquid foundation liquid foundation RMB450 30ml moisture, covering: thin to moderate; makeup effects: natural silk; immediately provide all-weather lasting moisturizing effect, up to 8 hours, immediately reduce fine lines and wrinkles, provide skin luster. After an eye and dermatologist tested, non comedogenic, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Clinique rouge rouge FLOWER FLOWER 130 yuan Clinique 3.5G lasting color formula, create young Pink Apple muscle thin texture, silky soft, fit skin. Full?相关的主题文章: