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Golfing On Your Costa Blanca Holidays-remonstrate

Vacation-Rentals Golf is a passion for some people so if you are a golfer on your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS maybe this is something for you. The Costa Blanca is really a golfers haven, especially when it .es to .bining a golfing holiday and a family on toe who, depending on their ages, may not share the same passion to the game as their parents. For those that have retired or whose family have long since left the home, packing the bags for a weekend or even a weeks golfing is not a difficult decision to make. There are plenty of fascinating golf courses in the Costa Blanca which is only two and a half hours away from most British airports, so its easy to understand why so many golfers .e out here. If youre really lucky you can leave the .fort of your own home and be in the Costa Blanca in time to play a round that very same afternoon. The chances are the weather will be ideal here while back in the UK theyre suffering bouts of rain: not that rain stops play when you are talking about a golfing hard nut. The only real problem anybody has is where does one go and play. To be honest there are so many golf courses it is hard to pick and choose unless of course money plays the deciding role. Plenty of courses here have been designed by world class players, not necessarily making it difficult to play though. On the contrary they usually have designed the game for everyone in mind, novice and .petition winners alike. It would be rather silly designing a game no one could get round in easily: no one in their right mind would play on a difficult course. So what are the suggested places a player could drive off from or even to? The weekend golfers tend to rent apartments right next to the course. That way there is no need to rent a car too and their evenings can be spent in some club houses or even restaurants that golfing clubs have, negating having to go anywhere but to the club house then home to sleep. And if the course includes chipping, putting greens a driving range and a practice bunker there is no need to go home. Places to go while in the Costa Blanca and up north near Denia include La Sella, the 18 hole golf course closest to Denia created by Seve Ballesteros with a 5 star hotel in the grounds, the Denia Marriott Hotel. There is another Seve Ballesteros course further south at Alicante is a 72 par course with rivers and lakes. At the foot of the Sierra de Las Aguilas mountains is the Alenda course designed by Roland Favrat: a faster course though fairly easy initially after the first 9 holes it starts to get tricky. Nearer to La Manga is the Altorreal, a 72 par 18 hole course with an increasing challenge. The Altorreal has 6 lakes and a sauna ideal for relaxing in after the increasingly difficult course. Just 10 kilometres outside Torrevieja is the Real Campoamor Golf club designed by Carmelo Gracias Caselles. It is undergoing work with an ambitious project, a new club house with facilities for tennis and child minding. Horse riding available here too. Saving the best until last, the El Saler Golf Club near Valencia has been ranked as the second best course in Europe, having hosted several Opens along with its sand dunes and a beautiful coastal view. What else could you possibly find while golfing on a COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS ? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: