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Gold price declines due to the global stock market and the strengthening of the U.S. dollar – Sohu F-reshacker

The price of gold fell by expanding the global stock market and the dollar firmed Sohu finance     * the global stock market, the U.S. market closed Monday because of false * European stocks from earlier highs * Goldman recommended empty gold * on Wednesday the Fed meeting in January released the Reuters reported on Tuesday, the price of gold fell third, further away from the last week hit a year high, because the global stock market and the dollar rose, pent up demand for safe haven gold. 2005 GMT, spot gold fell 0.5%, an ounce of $1203.26. Gold fell 2.3% on Monday, recording its biggest one-day drop in 7 months. "The stock market continues to go up, which clearly weakens the risk aversion demand for precious metals to some extent," said David Meger, director of metal trading at High Ridge Futures. "In addition, the U.S. dollar regain its upward trend continues to weigh on the whole precious metals market." U.S. stocks rose Tuesday, continuing on Friday’s rally, as investors bought pre – battered consumer demand for category, industrial and financial stocks. U.S. April gold futures fell 2.5% to $1208.20 per ounce. The majority of us gold market closed monday. Minneapolis storage President Cash Kari said Tuesday, expect the Fed will gradually rise, while the Philadelphia Fed President Haq said, see more inflation rise signs to continue Shengxi is wise. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FED Federal Reserve) will announce the 26-27 January policy meeting on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs proposes to make empty gold, because it believes that the recent concern caused by excessive gold rally, which also triggered further caution on gold. Spot silver fell 0.7%, to $15.22 an ounce. The chief investment officer at UBS’s wealth management research division raised a three month silver price forecast from $12-16 an ounce to $13.50-17.50 an ounce, raising the 12 month estimate from $14.5 to $15.5. Spot platinum fell 0.4%, to $928.75 an ounce. Spot palladium fell 0.9%, to $507 an ounce. 金价扩大跌幅 因全球股市和美元走坚-搜狐财经     * 全球股市上扬,美国市场周一因假休市   * 欧洲股市从稍早高位回落  * 高盛建议作空黄金  * 美联储周三发布1月会议记录  据路透社报道,金价周二连跌第三日,进一步远离上周触及的一年高位,因全球股市和美元上扬,压抑对黄金的避险需求。  2005 GMT,现货金 跌0.5%,报每盎司1,203.26美元。金价周一重挫2.3%,录得7月中以来最大单日跌幅。  “股市继续上行,显然这在一定程度上削弱了对贵金属的避险需求,”High Ridge Futures的金属交易部董事David Meger表示。  “除此之外,美元重拾升势继续重压整体贵金属市场。”  美股周二上扬,延续上周五的涨势,因投资者买入之前遭受重创的消费必需品类股、工业股和金融股。  美国4月期金 收跌2.5%,报每盎司1,208.20美元。美国多数黄金交易市场周一休市。  明尼亚波利斯储总裁卡什卡利周二表示,预计联储将循序渐进地升息,而费城联储总裁哈克则表示,等看到更多通胀攀升迹象后再继续升息是明智之举。  美国联邦储备理事会(FED 美联储)将于周三公布1月26-27日政策会议记录。  高盛建议作空黄金,因其认为近期因担忧引发的黄金涨势过度,这也引发了对黄金的进一步谨慎情绪。  现货银 跌0.7%,报每盎司15.22美元。  瑞银财富管理研究部的首席投资长在一份研究报告中将三个月银价预估从每盎司12-16美元上调至每盎司13.50-17.50美元,将12个月预估从14.5美元上调至15.5美元。  现货铂金 跌0.4%,报每盎司928.75美元。现货钯金 回落0.9%,报每盎司507美元。相关的主题文章: