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Go to the market or the stock market herd hunters? Smart people have action – financial Sohu "golden nine silver ten" that is the earliest in the property market. I do not know since when, A stock market also spread the "golden nine silver ten", but also a lot of believers, these investors on the stock market in October 9, high hopes. Since last June, A shares continued to slump, a lot of money from the stock market to withdraw into the property market, the property market continues to heat up, in the face of rising prices, some people even hesitate to borrow usury to pay down. During the National Day this year, due to the property market regulation and control policies, overnight, the property market atmosphere suddenly frozen, turnover fell, prices are expected to adjust, a large number of funds will not return to A shares? Whether to go to the market to the stock market or herd hunters? During the national day, a private person in the circle of WeChat said that the property market funds fought in A shares, in the early release of private equity products, there are a lot of subscribers is removed from the property market investors. In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August over 100 million yuan holdings of super retail has quietly entered, an increase of more than 174 people in July. These phenomena show that these smart funds have begun to act. The historical data reveal the property market and the correlation between A shares for the real estate control policies introduced during the national day, the latest research report, China Aviation trust macro strategy director Wu Zhaoyin release said, during the national day of Beijing city has issued the property market regulation policy, or will the property market funds to financial markets. According to the report, the purchase limit credit regulation will make the real estate sales of rapid cooling, one will lead to credit and money supply data total money growth down, on the other hand it makes a part of the real estate market capital flows to other investment markets, such as the stock market, which is likely to break the narrow shocks in the past several months out of the stock market, a wavelet upward price. Good buy wealth data show that before 2005, due to China’s property market in the early years, the stock market in two before the reform, the correlation is not high. 2006 to 2010, the property market, A shares overall positive correlation. But after 2012, in the economic data down and asset allocation shortage environment, the reverse relationship between the two obvious. From June 2012 to December 2013, 70 large and medium-sized city new commercial housing price index year continued to rise, but the Shanghai Composite fell from 2400 points to 2000 points. In 2014 to March 2015, the year-on-year growth rate continued to decline, while the Shanghai Composite Index has been rising. Then, since June 2015, the stock market experienced a rapid decline in prices and three depth, especially first-tier cities and some hot second tier city prices have continued to rise, it can be said that the A shares and the property market is now set in the "seesaw" relationship. In this regard, a private person pointed out, each round of the stock market rose in the first stage, the effect of making money driven, some investors will defer the purchase, put money into the stock market, or even sell financing stocks, the stock market stage strength will divert part of the property market funds. 2014 ~ the first half of 2015, the property market and A shares are completely negative, is the case; the second stage is the stock market"相关的主题文章: