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Global warming began 180 years ago, according to the study imjpmig

Studies have shown that global warming began 180 years ago when the industrial revolution was not a new phenomenon, but until now scientists have been unable to determine when the climate changed. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 24th, the latest research shows that the rise in land temperature and the northern hemisphere tropical ocean warming began 180 years ago. The study suggests that global warming began as early as the beginning of the industrial revolution, earlier than scientists had thought. Over the past year, most of the climate records of the 2000 were concerned with land climate. Therefore, these records do not explain the importance of the oceans to the study of climate change. A team of researchers at the Australian National University has conducted a detailed reconstruction of the climate over the past 500 years to identify the actual timing of the warming trend. They examined the world’s oceans and continents natural climate change records, including the preservation and decoration in the coral caves, tree rings and ice core climate history. The researchers also analyzed patterns of climate change over thousands of years. Data and simulation models indicate that global warming is around 1830s years ago, and is associated with increased greenhouse gas concentrations. This is consistent with the timing of the early industrial revolution, when large amounts of harmful greenhouse gases were emitted. Before the industrial revolution, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere remained relatively low. From the beginning of 1830, the temperature began to rise, first in the Arctic, and then in Europe, Asia and North america. 50 years later, most of the Southern Hemisphere climate warming trend. The findings have important implications for assessing the extent to which humans affect climate change, the researchers said. [minutes] the real impact of climate change on the world相关的主题文章: