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Global Times China tries its best, and sanctions against the DPRK are inevitable-www.bv2008.cn

Global Times: China tries its best to impose tough sanctions on the DPRK. Inevitably, China tries its best and sanctions against the DPRK are inevitable. According to Western media reports, China and the United States reached an agreement in Washington on Tuesday to expand UN sanctions against the dprk. Wang Yi and Kerrey at the joint press conference of foreign ministers of both countries said that bilateral consultations have made important progress, and Kerrey said that once the Security Council resolution passed, the intensity of sanctions will be far beyond the past". Some time ago, China and the United States criticized each other on the North Korean nuclear issue, until ridiculed the policy of the other side, and was slapped by the DPRK nuclear test". Believing that Washington’s "important progress" is the result of a compromise between the two countries. It was emphasized that Chinese made concessions to the beauty, Japan’s Kyodo news is that the Chinese scheme has overtaken the U.S. program, "one side is desperately notes of Kerrey, while Wang Yi is bombarded with speech". In any case, Pyongyang will suffer a new price for its own nuclear test, and we believe that this time it will feel more painful than ever before. As the Chinese media, we think it is proper for North Korea to accept such sanctions. Pyongyang should not complain about China’s "standing with the United States", and what it should do is to reflect on itself. North Korea is a friend of China and willing to develop friendly relations with the DPRK is the basic attitude of most Chinese people so far. However, North Korea on the nuclear issue in a serious misunderstanding, caused substantial damage to the interests of the state China, Chinese must be in the maintenance of friendly relations between China and the DPRK at the same time, it made harsh reaction to North Korea’s nuclear activities. At the same time, we support China’s adherence to its basic position on sanctions against the DPRK and give necessary buffer to the sanctions program. The U.S., should not expect China in Washington agrees, on major issues before, whether the United States is the most important to China happy. China independent foreign policy decision of our non standard of others will not be led, the parties should know. Now Washington has removed most of Beijing’s views on sanctions, and Seoul and Tokyo are likely to follow suit. Finally, how does North Korea react?. Pyongyang’s attitude includes two aspects: one is the resolution of the Security Council itself, the other is the response to sanctions. The two is how it sees China’s support for new sanctions resolutions and the ensuing actions of china. It is conceivable that the DPRK opposes sanctions, but it should understand the compromise attitude between China and the US, Japan and South korea. Whether the DPRK can take a positive look at China’s role will test Pyongyang’s realistic assessment and political alertness. Pyongyang’s embrace of nuclear power poses a major problem for China. If it wants to focus on its nuclear aspirations, the hope is not on the basis of reality. The U.S., intended to destroy the entire Korean economy, even to overthrow the current regime, China against these goals, and focus on sanctions against North Korea to continue to develop nuclear weapons capability. This is the essential difference between China and the United States, South Korea, Japan and North Korea policy, and also the goodwill that China never wavered towards the dprk. Chinese society hopes that Pyongyang can clearly understand this point, cherish China’s efforts to oppose the expansion of sanctions. Pyongyang should understand that if it adheres to nuclear power and continues to increase its actions, then its international isolation will be 8

环球时报:中国尽力了,对朝严厉制裁不可避免   中国尽力了,对朝严厉制裁不可避免   据西方媒体报道,中美两国周二在华盛顿就扩大联合国对朝鲜制裁达成协议。王毅与克里在两国外长联合记者会上都表示双方协商取得“重要进展”,克里称安理会决议一旦通过,“制裁强度将远超过去”。   前段时间中美曾就朝核问题相互批评,直至嘲讽对方的政策被朝鲜核试验“打了耳光”。相信华盛顿商谈的“重要进展”是两国相互妥协的结果。有人强调中方对美做了让步,日本共同社则认为中国方案压倒美国方案,“一边是拼命记笔记的克里,一边是连珠炮般发言的王毅”。   无论如何,平壤将因一意孤行搞核试验蒙受新的代价,我们相信这一次它会比以往被制裁时更感受到痛。作为中国媒体,我们认为朝鲜受这种制裁是应该的,平壤不需抱怨中国“同美国站在了一起”,它应当做的是进行自我反思。   朝鲜是中国的朋友,愿意发展对朝友好关系至今是多数中国人的基本态度。然而朝鲜在核问题上堕入一个严重误区,对中国国家利益造成实质损害,中国必须在维护中朝友好关系的同时,对朝鲜核活动做出就事论事的严厉反应。   我们同时支持中国坚持本国在制裁朝鲜问题上的基本立场,对美国制裁方案给予必要缓冲。美韩日不应指望中国对华盛顿言听计从,在重大问题面前,美国是否高兴对中国决非最重要的。中国独立自主的外交政策决定了我们的是非标准不会被别人牵着走,对此各方都应有所领教。   现在华盛顿对北京围绕制裁的大部分意见消除了,首尔和东京的态度大概会跟着缓和。最后要看朝鲜如何反应。   平壤态度包括两方面,一是对将要通过的安理会决议本身,即对制裁的反应。二是它怎样看中国对新制裁决议的支持,以及随之而来的中国的行动。   朝鲜反对制裁是可以想见的,但其应当理解中国在它与美韩日之间的“折衷”态度。朝方能否积极看待中国的作用将检验平壤的现实评估力和政治机敏度。平壤拥核给中国出了大难题,它如果希望中朝关系以尊重它的拥核愿望为中心,这一希望显然并非建立在现实的基础上。   美韩日意欲摧垮整个朝鲜经济,甚至要搞垮朝鲜现政权,中国反对这些目标,而坚持制裁集中于打击朝鲜继续研制核武器能力上。这是中国与美韩日对朝政策的本质区别,也是中国对朝从未动摇的善意。中国社会希望平壤能清楚看懂这一点,珍惜中国为反对制裁扩大化所做的努力。   平壤方面应当了解,如果它坚持拥核并不断加码行动,那么它的国际孤立日趋严峻将是板上钉钉的大势,中国是帮不了它的。此外中美各种矛盾可以被其加以利用维护拥核政策的空间也将越收越窄。   中国公众支持国家以实际行动展现反对朝鲜拥核的坚定立场,同时我们知道,中朝难免因核立场严重分歧而伤感情,但我们愿意看到中朝友好关系能得到必要的维护。但是第二个问题的压力不应影响中国在第一个问题上的定力。我们相信民众的愿望会在国家对朝政策中得到体现。 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章: