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Glabella mole, mole, nevus lips…… Why are these female stars long but more charming and lovely synnex

Glabella mole, mole, nevus lips…… Why are these female stars long but more charming and lovely? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Do you think my sister hit, the mole on the face? Always trying to get them? Do you want a mole? In fact, some moles are not only cumbersome, but also give you unexpected surprises. Mole on the eyebrows, often make people appear very charming. Shen Aojun is the aura of beauty, but the brow of a mole, but she inadvertently exudes a charming, just soft in. Look at Shen Aojun with some hit the face of Gong Li, strong international beauty, domineering side leakage, gentle but insufficient. Beauty artificial added to her a mole, feeling different wood? Opened a hole, to Su Yan goddess Wang Likun point a mole. Instantly feel the goddess of high cold a little bit of wood? Fann Wong gave the feeling of Beauty is not amazing, there is a sense in general, Helen of Troy acting like Nie Xiaoqian, you played a face Meng force. But the mole under the eyebrow gave her a lot of recognition. The position of the eyebrow nevus to feel is more recognition of it? Partly hidden and partly visible enchanting feeling. Can also create a sense of charm, as well as the mole beneath the eye. Many people think this is a mole, unlucky. But Beauty thought that as long as the United States is auspicious, such as Guli Nazha. The mole are covered, but the recognition is not high. Ying Cao is a little too by mole, but the effect is almost the same, she is very charming. Manually move the mole outward move, the effect is better there are wood? The Shen Aojun brow mole to eye down and feel good oh ~ PS high point mole, no pain, no side effect, with the rule to go! If Ma Yili, now many mole, that feeling is really charming dally to rise. A little itchy mole to Wang Likun, there is no sense of violation and that you are not forgotten, Wang Likun’s face is very clean, not a mole. Mouth long mole, it is easy to make people think of delicious ghosts, so long mouth mouth often appear very cute. Li Qian can have this natural sprouting, the mouth of the mole can help a lot of busy oh. There are ha sister Jianing Xue. The mole cover, and a little less cute, more mature. Give the same lovely wind Li Xiaolu mole, which becomes the chowhound be the same outside and inside. Could not help but also to Fan Ye with mole, the international fan straight down, had a lovely feeling overflowing ~ do not know Fan Ye will not want to strangle Beauty, worked hard for twenty years, a mole returned to her fan. Mole on the cheek, but also to create a lovely feeling. I know you can immediately think of Rainie Yang, right? Guo Xiang Theresa Lee on the cheek this mole is really the most vivid touch, called Jin Yong Guo Xiang. Gillian Chung this kind of face is actually not cute, but a lot of a mole on the cheek, suddenly there are some license to love it ~ ~ can not help but start to fan ye. But it feels a little cute, too"相关的主题文章: