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G20 Bulletin antibiotic resistance is a major challenge to the global economy – Sohu health-7470d

G20 Bulletin: antibiotic resistance was significant challenges of the global economy – the Sohu health pharmaceutical industry people are subscribing to our, what are you hesitating? Attention to the group of twenty (G20) leaders summit in Hangzhou on the evening of September 5th ended, the meeting adopted the "leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou Communique" (referred to as bulletin) to strengthen policy coordination, innovation, growth, global economic and financial governance, international trade and investment, inclusive and linkage development and other issues, and other outstanding issues of the world economy, in-depth exchange of views and reached consensus on many important issues. In the last part of the list of specific factors affecting the world economy, including Britain, Europe, climate change, refugees, terrorism, antibiotic resistance, such as 5. This means that the topic of antibiotic resistance has risen to an international level, becoming a global problem of climate change and terrorism. Bulletin pointed out: antibiotic resistance is a serious threat to public health, economic growth and global economic stability. Will promote the use of antibiotics in a prudent manner, and consider the enormous challenges in terms of affordability and availability of antibiotics and its impact on public health. We confirm the necessity from the twenty country group’s own advantage, adopt an inclusive way to deal with the problem of antibiotic resistance, prevention and reduction of antibiotic resistance by empirical methods, and promote the development of new and existing antibiotics. At the same time, appealed to the WHO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the world organization for animal health, the OECD in 2017 to submit a joint report on the issue and its economic impact on the policy options. "China is the use of antibiotics in country, annual production of 210 thousand tons, exports 30 thousand tons, the rest of the sale, the per capita consumption of 138 grams, 10 times that of the United states." As early as in 2015, the British economist Jim ·, O’neal proposed that China should be included in the 2016 G20 Summit on antibiotic resistance infection. "If we don’t take action, everyone will be threatened by the death of antibiotic resistance." The abuse of antibiotics has become a problem all over the world, the national rational drug use monitoring system data show that the country’s most widely used drugs are antibiotics. According to the State Food and Drug Administration statistics, adverse drug reactions, accounting for the highest proportion of antibiotics. This series of data seemed to suggest that the overuse of antibiotics has become "a target for all", to solve this problem, it is imminent. China is facing the serious abuse of antibiotics professor Zhou Zijun Peking University School of public health, antibiotics not only used in the treatment of human diseases, are widely used in animal breeding, plant cultivation and agriculture etc.. In the treatment of infectious diseases, prevention and control of animal diseases and to protect public health and safety, antibiotics play an important role, but the irrational use of antibiotics, easily lead to bacterial resistance, the drugs will be significantly decreased or even failure. Zhou Zijun explained: the development of new antibiotics will take some time, if the problem of antibiotic resistance is not effectively resolved, and finally相关的主题文章: