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Fund sales shrink shrink license prices rose up! hyuna

Fund sales shrink shrink license prices rose up! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: financial house Author: Liu Xinfeng introduction: there is no doubt that 2016 is the year of fund supervision! At present, the regulatory tentacles from public and private institutional business extends to the third party fund sales institutions, and continue to overweight, under the weight of the fund distribution business has reduced, but the price is closely related with the fund sales license has a rising market. Year to date, the policy after another, the gradual normalization of supervision. In the process of supervision, the brunt of public and private institutions, and the third party fund sales institutions also ushered in the inspection situation, but management price remains firm commitment, the daily supervision of funds already represent the general trend. At present, the northern region is being ushered in the third party fund sales institutions to check the situation, in the "general idea of supervision according to law, comprehensive supervision and strict supervision", more funds to the local securities regulatory bureau issued a notice, request to carry out a comprehensive self-examination and rectification, effectively preventing business risks, and clearly defined the completion of the rectification period, the fund consignment agency the pressure increasing. At the same time, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shenzhen and other fund sales agencies have also received a notice of self-examination and on-site inspection. Progress report weekly according to monthly self-examination, send the fund sales, regular self-examination and on-site checks is fund agencies daily. Self similar content, but the ultimate goal is consistent, namely inventory funds the existence of irregularities in the sales process. The self-examination of the content is very detailed, including the publicity and promotional materials are false, misleading, omission, or illegal gains commitment, performance prediction; whether the fund is less than the cost of sales cost; misappropriate the fund sales settlement funds or fund sales settlement accounts used in non-public fund sales business; whether to fully disclose the risks to investors, have without the ability to bear the risk of misleading investors to buy and not quite fund products and other illegal issues. Under regulatory pressure, fund agencies have to frequently modify official website promotion and product copywriting, especially private after the implementation of new regulations, to control the changes very much, funds after is the norm. In all the illegal sale behavior, the most popular is the "third party fund sales package", namely the name borrowed an independent fund sales agency qualification institution, to obtain funds to sell or underwrite share, and share fund sales fees behavior. The rise of the sale of subcontracting behavior, and the recent approval of the fund sales license to tighten the direct correlation. It is reported that the current provisions of the independent fund sales institutions need to meet: registered capital of not less than 20 million yuan, and must be paid in monetary capital; business premises, and adapt to the fund sales business security facilities and other facilities; the last 3 years not subject to criminal penalties, administrative penalties in recent 3 years are not financial supervision and industry regulation, industry and commerce, taxation and other administrative departments; fund qualification of the personnel of not less than 10 of men相关的主题文章: