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Fujian tourism promotion play innovative on-site auction route was hot grab – Travel Channel qqzb.cc

Fujian tourism promotion play innovative   on-site auction route was hot grab – Travel Channel auction site. People.com.cn Beijing on 1 September, (Feng Yatao) "0 yuan Qipai, 50, 300, 500…… 950 for the first time, the 950 and the second, the 950 time, third." In August 31st 1, the people’s daily new media studio building bid sound as one falls, another rises the Tourism Bureau of Fujian Province, which is the ongoing "fresh Fujian tour of your wonderful" Beijing promotion. Attract major travel agencies throughout the country to actively participate in the Fujian tourism, improve the effectiveness of marketing activities, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau in the tourism industry’s first auction, ten tour routes selected by Beijing travel agencies to take out. Promote the meeting, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau deliberately took hot tourism products in the auction site, because it is 0 yuan starting mode, the scene was immediately enthusiastic the tour became a professional auction, the final Chinese tourism group, with the price of 950 yuan to take the market price of 1200 yuan of the Xiamen Zhangzhou 4 day tour of Longyan "products, the total transaction price of 9 million 500 thousand yuan and site signed a cooperation agreement. It is understood that the promotion will be a total turnover of sixty million yuan. In addition to innovative tourism products auction, the promotion will also be through the network of red + live innovative techniques, so that the promotion will become the biggest gathering of the current red marketing practices. Three girls turned from the southeast TV host’s positive energy network red respectively through broadcast platform, promotion site connection in Wuyishan, Taining Ganlu temple, Storied Building of Yongding in Longyan and Beijing, led the broadcast platform of about 1200000 spectators feel personally on the scene together fresh Fujian charm. In addition, promotion will be invited to the "Sanlian Life Weekly" editor in chief, Li Honggu Wu Xuelan, the Fujian media television anchorwoman items to the identity of the Hui people in Fujian tourism promotion the most representative tourism promotion to tourists, three-dimensional picture of three world heritage sites, two world geological park, 9 5A scenic spots and 9 kinds of unique resources to form the Fujian tourism. The site promotion will also use the authority of the media broadcast, will promote the whole by people.com.cn and Haibo TV to the global network of users simultaneously broadcast live, Southeast TV and Fujian TV channel will broadcast the event tourism. Read the first half of this year, Fujian Province, a total of 134 million tourists, an increase of 16.1%, higher than the national average growth rate of 6 percentage points; the total tourism income of 161 billion 837 million yuan, an increase of 20.4%, higher than the national average growth rate of 8 percentage points, the tourism industry has become one of Fujian’s most influential one of the strategic pillar industry. The day before the announcement, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, in the first introduction of the province’s tourism fast at first pay way. In the comprehensive improvement of the tourism market, started to regulate the tourism order of the "battle", "at the tour of Fujian tourism service commitment is also introduced, starting from August 15th this year, Fujian will carry out" at the tour of Fujian tourism service commitment activities, the implementation of tourist complaints by taking 12315 labor service hotline "acceptance" at the same time, the rapid completion "to raise the establishment of 10 million yuan of travel claims fund, the implementation of" Xianhengpeifu "forced tourism service quality and comprehensive supervision of tourism water)相关的主题文章: