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From chaos to alliance, the transformation of traditional TV manufacturers Revelation – Sohu Technol-jiqingwuyuetian

From chaos to alliance, the traditional TV manufacturers transition Revelation – Sohu technology now, describe the relationship between television and video with the arranged in a crisscross pattern of two industries should not be excessive, depending on the investment TCL, after micro whale investment Konka recently, Iqiyi announced a strategic cooperation with SKYWORTH, invested 150 million yuan to obtain SKYWORTH’s Internet TV brand cool open 5% of the shares, after the completion of the investment valuation reached 3 billion yuan cool open. This is not too surprising, nor is the two companies working together for the first time, be in "flex" smart TV industry division of Iqiyi and the usual, cool open was based on the content side had quite pleasant cooperation, and nature as the marriage is an investment in the future — capital is the most reliable link, the two sides cooperation in the capital level, was successful. The cool open marriage with Iqiyi once again proved one thing: the smart TV industry competition has changed from single enterprise to enterprise cluster evolution before, in other words, from chaos to alliance. Well, in the increasing interdependence of the era, every enterprise in weaving a net value, attached to this network of people and more resources, the possibility of enterprise profit was greater, while in the smart TV industry in this round of "battle group", at least in my personal opinion. The "win-win" balance appears to be moving towards TV manufacturers take Iqiyi cool open end, and this cooperation, Iqiyi strategic investment coocaa further expanded its "big strategy" coverage, while in the channel more power. In the eyes of many people in the industry, seemingly small amount of investment, but it can be regarded as the interim results of the veteran manufacturers SKYWORTH Internet transformation. In fact, the traditional TV manufacturers combing different Internet transition path, you will clearly see the different scenery, but no matter how, as the famous economist Blaine · Arthur said: business network is an ecological group, participants not by specific products to compete, but through the establishment of a network. Personally, in the smart TV business, who is the most skilled, success is recently. The transformation path of smart TV penetration from 27% in 2012 to 80% today, naturally traditional TV manufacturers with behind it, and as you know, Hisense, Konka, TCL, SKYWORTH and other traditional TV manufacturers have a transition in the Internet, also follow the path for the transformation of transcripts of different. For example, Hisense began in 2011 to intelligent product transformation, the 2013 launch of VIDAA smart TV series, and in cooperation with 11 video sites, but it seems that in some industry insiders, Hisense due to the limitation of the line under the conflict of layout, resulting in slightly slower pace of transformation, until June this year will be officially established as the Internet VIDDA TV sub brand, operation difference and the main brand seems to have just passable transformation Konka; and many dim, Konka released the first independent online brand KKTV in 2013, and put forward the "easy" strategy, it is with the Tencent and Alibaba and other Internet giants cooperation, but at least in the outside world, the content of strategy has been in a tepid, flickering, lack of proper turn)相关的主题文章: