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Fresh + complement compatibility of Chaozhou Quanzhou beef shop and storage Hot pot to cow fast food winlinez

Fresh + complement compatibility of Chaozhou Quanzhou beef shop and storage Hot pot to cow fast eating beef Hot pot – Sohu now swept two schools on both sides of the Changjiang River, currently the most popular approach is Chaozhou and Quanzhou, Chaoshan beef Hot pot to pay attention to a fresh word, extracting several parts of the most exquisite fresh beef knife under the master in the pot boiled. Quanzhou beef Hot pot to pay attention to a complementary word, a variety of herbs boiled a warming effect, two different styles of their respective attracted many patrons, and love will love Hot pot beef this two kinds of ways, in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on the edge of the big cow KFC fast beef Hot pot shop is both Chaozhou and Quanzhou also has the practice of two kinds of beef cattle in Hot pot can eat fast, this model in the island is also estimated the vast one, two important qualities are laudable practices. First of all have their own cattle big fast beef channel, every day is freshly slaughtered beef, both at noon and in the evening to try to ensure that diners eat are within three hours of the beef, this excellent keep fresh beef, the overall environment is very elegant, two floor, Japanese style decoration, beef Hot pot shop rarely have such a grade of the decoration, dinner will be more relax, entertain friends also have grade. Cattle on the first floor of a transparent kitchen can see the process of cutting beef, clean and concise at a glance. Hot pot sauce a dozen or so rich, recommended barbecue sauce beef with fresh Chaozhou Hot pot pot, the soup is boiled beef soup, corn beef radish cake, beef cake quite large, crisp taste delicious when this is enough ShabuShabu stress, you know each part of Chaozhou sliced beef simply rinse for a few seconds can eat, which suggested different meat several times are boiling, three three rinse, this can best embody the Chaoshan beef tender and refreshing. The first is the Hot pot eating Chaoshan fresh, freshly cut Shabu is to eat, keep the taste of the most delicious beef, beef is tender second, featured in several parts selection of the most suitable Shabu Shabu meat, different time is not the same, but it is a matter of a few seconds, visible from ingredients to food processing is good enough, the key is the meat is very tender crisp, look at these delicious and refreshing dish of tenderness, Shabu, chopsticks really can not stop, each must give the five-star, spoon handle, spoon kernels, fertilizer three flower lamp special toe spell name represents all kinds of delicious boiled beef. Cool Nenxiang, various marbled muscles strong, elastic teeth taste chewy, sweet and tender taste can not stop. There are also very cool cut beef tongue tender, chest? Very crisp, tripe is also good. Cooked beef cooked beef can be eaten, rinse in the pot, dipped in sauce is delicious to eat in. Beef offal pot super tasty delicious flavor, not to eat it like a bowl of Steamed Rice Sibao: the 48 pieces of assorted cold dishes, feel the weight is enough, the taste is good, recommend Quanzhou beef pot inside a full pot of soup, it is good to drink, Quanzhou medicine stewed beef pot, weather the cooler to a bowl of delicious, nourishing, inside the beef tendon is very delicious. At last some frozen tofu potato mushroom to Shabu, very satisfied meal. Zero相关的主题文章: